Saturday, May 30, 2009

My funspice Saturday night!

Okay, I've been babysitting since 1:00 this afternoon. It is now 10:20 at night.

So, no, I am not currently pretending to play an electric guitar. That would be crazy. Plus, they don't have one here. I suppose I could bust out the Wii fit, but that just seems like too much work.

Now, I'm not complaining because I'm getting paid to do this, and the kids are adorable, but dammit, I'm bored!

I'm watching Twilight for the 34905849335th time, and Edward is still hot. Kristen Stewart still annoys me. And I still wish the movie was more like the book.

Speaking of lamespice, living in Nashville SUCKS! Why? One word. HUMIDITY! My hair is totally unable to cooperate during this time of the miserable year. What can one expect from living in Country Music City...or HELL?

My allergies are at an all time high in the annoyance level this year, and it's really starting to piss me off. There is nothing sexy about puffy, red, watery, itchy eyes. There is nothing amusing about people constantly saying "OMG what's wrong with your eyes?!?!"

Okay, you know what? Just don't ask. Sometimes I tend to go all homicidal on bagels. It's a thing. Check out my crazy eyes though!! Living in Owensboro has that effect on people. That's why Johnny Depp got out early. Of course, then I came back to Nashville, and now my crazy eyes are just itchy and pathetic.And, my friends, this is exactly the opposite of what I'm doing tonight.
If I could find a picture of me being bored or even sleeping, then I'd post it here.

Anyhoo, here endeth my first session on the new bad attitude blog. And I'm only stopping because I have to pee (and I thought I'd share with you).!