Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome to Hell

Is there anyone out there that hates summer as much as I do?'s my least favorite of the seasons, and it makes me cranky. If I'm going to risk turning into Lobster Kelley every time I walk outside, then I think I should at least get to walk out to this...

This is Paradise. Okay, it's actually St. Maarten, which comes pretty close to Paradise. Yeah, it's hot there, but it's an island! They have white sand on their beaches and blue water and cute little palm trees! Unfortunately, I don't live in Paradise!

Welcome to my world. This is Nash Vegas. Okay, it doesn't really look that bad, but that's because humidity doesn't really show up in pictures. Neither does smell. Or pollen.This is what Nashville feels like during the summer. Yes, that is fire. Fire is hot. So is Nashville. Right now. Humidity SUCKS!
Welcome to my life.
All I do is sneeze and work.

Sometimes I'm sneezing while driving. In traffic. There is always construction. Always.
And Nashville drivers...not the greatest!

At least I have the Man Meat blog to keep me busy. It's a lot easier for me to work on when my eyeballs aren't trying to fall out of my head thanks to my allergies.
I'm putting a picture of him on my dash
James Marsters, I love you!!!

Okay, thanks for reading my Nashville sucks rant. My vacation to England is getting closer...thank GOD!

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