Tuesday, June 30, 2009

These are grown men here!!

June 30, 2009.
Rob DeFranco.
Bikini Dance.
'Nuff said...

So Peter had to drive him there.
I'm pretty sure he was ready to pee his tighty whitey protected bikini bottoms.

Hey, Rob!
Nice robe!
We're cheering you on, buddy!!

Seriously, it couldn't have been that bad.
You were surrounded by women in bikinis.

And the robe is off!!

I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to be staring at here.
That's all I'm gonna say.

Shake it like a polaroid picture!
Oh wait, wrong song!

Oh, Peter, you make us loyal followers so happy!!

If only I lived in California!

So it appears everyone enjoyed themselves!
Thank you xxooandcookies for allowing me to use your photos!
Follow her on Twitter!
She rocks!!
Now it's time for the...
*booming voice*

Seriously, I could watch this video over and over.
It makes my face hurt because I can't stop laughing!
Shut up!
You know you're laughing too!
I wonder how his wife is coping with this.
Don't ever bet against a Cullen!!

Check it out!
I am getting this autographed picture in the mail.
xxooandcookies went to the autograph signing at AFFLICTION.
She got me an autograph!
I'm in Seventh Heaven!!
I'll be receiving it in the mail shortly!
I officially love this girl!
She's my new BFF.
Hmmm...I should probably let her know that! ;)

Next mission:
Get Peter Facinelli TEN MILLION followers!
Then he'll do his OWN bikini dance!
This might be a little difficult.
We'll have to wait and see.

My pocket friends have not been forgotten!
New pictures will be posted shortly!

Okay, I needed a video with Angel and Spike.
This is called
"Angel and Spike Do the Dew."

Please enjoy!
I love you guys!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Woohoo Moment!

Okay, some of you may be thinking TMI, but I'm sharing anyway.
Cramps SUCK!
Especially when they force you to curl into a tiny ball of a person.
True story.

on with the show.
Today has been a much better day!
Why, you ask?
Well, for one, a friend of mine got me a job interview at the place she works!
Can I get a HELL YEAH??

I've received several emails today from parents who have told me they are sorry about what has happened to me.
I've actually got a lot of people supporting me despite what happened.
I've been on Cloud Nine, and can now go back to doing my "Happy Happy Joy Joy Peter Facinelli is Following Me on Twitter" Dance!

Homer Simpson approves!! :)

Okay, so I am now less than a month away from my fabulous vacation.
I get more excited each day!
England, I hope you're ready for me!

Your eyes are not fooling you.
I really am this blurry in person.
I wonder what I look like to drunk people!

I don't know which castle this is.
It will be my future home in England.
I've made the decision.
Hopefully it has no scary ghosts!

*Note: Erm...okay, so it was pointed out to me that this "castle" is actually Oxford University.
My bad!
I'll just have to find another castle to reside in!
Maybe I can get a time-share at Buckingham Palace.
I bet that would cost more than the amount of money I've made working for the last 12 years.
How sad.*

Check it out!
I received this marriage proposal today from Mr. Robert Pattinson!
I, of course, said yes!
He will be moving into the strange, possibly ghost infected British castle with me.
A special "thank you" to hwilliams3782 (AKA Heather Williams) for capturing that wonderful kodak moment!
She definitely deserves a follow from YOU on Twitter!!
I love you, girl! :)

For those of you who may be concerned...
PI, PE, PS, and McCheffy will all by travelling to England with me.
I told them they need to be on their best behavior on the way over.
If they behave, they will be allowed to terrorize the streets of London all they want.
All you Brits, be on the lookout!
They may be small, but they sure are mean.

Pocket Illyria and Pocket Edward have tried to kill each other several times now.

Pocket Spike thinks McCheffy is a Happy Meal with Legs (even though he claims he no longer drinks the blood of humans).
Pocket Spike and Pocket Illyria continue to annoy each other.
Pocket Edward and Pocket Spike are battling inwardly over which one of them is more attractive and who uses more hair product.

It's pretty much a soap opera in my purse!

that's the story!
Hope everyone is excited for the weekend!
Cross your fingers for my job interview!
Thank you to everyone who has been supportive.
You've all helped cheer me up in some way!

Live long and...prosper. I guess.

Kellebelle1981 :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25th...the CRAPPIEST day ever!

I wish I had something funny and witty to say to you guys today.
Unfortunately, this has been the shittiest of all shitty days.

RIP Farrah Fawcett

You were an amazing person.
You will be missed!!

RIP Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson was my favorite singer when I was a small child.
He was an amazing performer, and I feel for his family right now.
I grew up listening to him, and am saddened by his unexpected death.
We will miss you!!

In other news:
A Metro cop was shot repeatedly by a man who escaped from a jail down in Mississippi.
He is currently in the hospital.
The doctors are working around the clock for him.
He is Sgt. Mark Chestnut.
Please keep him and his family in your prayers during this difficult time for them!

In other other news:
I lost my job today.
I don't feel like going into details.
It's no one's business what really happened.
So naturally everyone at work received a letter telling them exactly what happened.
I'm not sure, but I think there is something wrong with that.
This is my opportunity to venture out and find something better.
Like...something that goes along with my degrees.
Who knows?
I'm keeping my chin up.
My family is supportive.
My friends are supportive.
I have a few people on the lookout for job openings for me.

I leave for England in exactly one month from today.

That picture improved my mood a good 75%.
I'd say that's pretty impressive.
I can't wait!!

Tomorrow is Follow Friday.
My favorite Twitter day of the week!
I love you guys!
Thank you for your support today as well...
and for not expecting me to share a play by play of what happened!

Here's to hoping for a better tomorrow!

Kellebelle1981 :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Twitter Junkie...it's so true!

So aside from today being the captain of all sucky days...
I've had a pretty good week.
First off, I received the ultimate follow this week on Twitter!
That's right.
Peter Facinelli started following ME!
He loves his Peter Pimpers, and I was all over the place, just Peter Pimpin' my little heart out for a whole week!
Needless to say, I've been on Cloud Nine...with the exception of today.
But I digress.

That's right, ladies and gents!

Dr. Carlisle Cullen is following

I'm not ashamed to admit that I squealed like a little girl and started doing a virtual celebrational dance on Twitter with my fellow Peter Pimpers.
I remember Peter's "Mike Dexter" days, and he has come a long way from threatening to kick the ass of everyone in this room!
Ummm...if I get a broken arm, take me to Dr. Cullen!
If I have some bizarre disease, take me to Dr. House!
If I'm in the mood to be groped by a professional, take me to Dr. Cooper.
Sorry for the random House plug, btw.
Hugh Laurie is my hero!
Sort of.

Lo and behold, here is the ultimate proof of the following!
Thanks to IrishLad585 for these screen shots!

Granted, my current 777 followers is quite lower than his 500,000+ followers.
I'm okay with that.
I can barely keep up with all the conversations I have every day!
What have I discovered this week though?
People think I'm hilarious.
Rock on!
Bad attitude be damned, I'm a funny girl!!

Rob DeFranco, I hope you're in shape and that your bikini wax went smoothly!
I'll be anxiously waiting to "favorite" your video to YouTube.
And I hope I win one of your iTouches if I can't get the back of Peter's chair!
"All the single ladies, all the single ladies..."
Team Carlisle!
Next time don't bet against a man with Twi-hards on his side! ;)

Harry Potter comes out in LESS than a month!!!
From now until July 15th I will be having random bouts of SQUEEE every time I think of this.
I already have the shirt I'm going to wear for the premiere!

Hot Topic, I loveth thee!
Thanks for your heavenly section...
Twilight on one side and Harry Potter on the other!
Yes, I am a nerd.
If you are still having trouble grasping that, then you're "special."

Harry, we have missed you!
You've kept us waiting for SO long, and we're ready!
We've forgiven you for pushing back the release date from November 21 all the way to freakin' July 15th, but please don't do that to us again!
We were sad, but now we're not.
Just know, I'll be bringing a giant box of tissues to the movie with me.
I mean, I bawled my eyes out when Dumbledore died in the book.
I'm gonna have my ugly cry going on in the theatre!
Good thing it will be dark.
And FYI: if I ruined the ending of the Half Blood Prince for anyone...seriously...why haven't you read the book yet?

Sadly, I have no updates from our pocket pals, but I can't feature them in every blog update!
People might think I'm a little crazy.
Do feel free to drool over these super hot pics in the meantime.

Daily Ode to James Marsters:
*please note: JM is also pretty H
OT if he's not Spike*

Hello! Would I lie to you?
Hunka hunka burnin' hotness right there!
Note to self:
Try not to drool directly over keyboard.

Speaking of Ewww...
who made this RPattz doll?
Is that doll WEARING a jail suit?
Oh my god!
Maybe I'm crazy, but my first thought was
"Hey, you should totally join New Kids on the Block!"
Or something just as random.
I don't know where my brain grabs these thoughts from really.
That doll does not resemble the smokin' hottie it's supposed to...resemble.
Pocket Edward is way cuter!

Okay, so I've been missing Buffy and Angel lately.
I also miss the "Does my hair always look like this?" bouffant he finally got to look at when he was in Pylea!!
Must have Joss night!!
If the apocalypse comes, beep me!

Okay, so I can't get the font to stop being all boldy.
If you have a facebook account, feel free to Friend Me.

To all my Twittercitos:
You are the best!
Thanks for always retweeting my random tweets!
Thanks for telling me I'm funny!
Thanks to those who are following my blog!
Thanks for keeping me up all hours of the night!!
I'm going to try personal shoutouts in the next blog.
Right now I'm too sickly feeling.
Stomach aches are the devil.

Peace, Love, and lotsa RPattz!

Kellebelle1981 :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

We have a new Pocket Friend!! :D

This week was my version of
Surviving Hell on Earth.
Today the heat index was 102.
Yesterday it was 105!
I HATE living in the South!
So there is another good reason for me to move to England...or Forks, WA. :)
the Highly Anticipated
Pocket Spike
has arrived and is currently interacting with the other pockets.
I've also picked up an unknown Pocket by the name of McCheffy.
He really just wanted to be part of a Pocket Group.
He can't move at all...
but we'll see how this works out for him!

Please say "hello" to Pocket Spike!
*cue the Superhero music*
He just joined us from Sunnydale...or maybe Los Angeles.
Either way, he's here now.
Everyone feel free to squeal like RPattz's obsessive fangirls!
Just don't stalk him the same way.
I'd have to hurt you.

While Pocket Spike took the time to get himself used to things
he drank a cup of blood from his favorite
Kiss the Librarian mug.
He stole it from Giles.
Pocket Spike has always been a klepto!

Pocket Spike and Pocket Edward finally meet!
Pocket Spike is pretty strange for a vampire.
And he doesn't sparkle like Pocket Edward.
He's one badass vampire though!
Pocket Edward, be warned!

While Pocket Edward examines this strange breed of vampire, Pocket Illyria, who was still upset over Pocket Edward's "smurf" retort, sneaks up behind him.
Apparently she needs to be locked in a cage.

Pocket Spike isn't sure what to make of this bizarre feud.

Pocket Illyria decides to dangle the mug o' blood in front of Pocket Edward.
Pocket Spike thought it would be funny to have Pocket Edward drink from the Cup of Perpetual Torment (aka Mountain Dew)!
So far I'm predicted fights of Gerry Springer proportions from these guys.

Pocket Spike remember that cross.
He's not too fond of it.
And he will not be hugging it again.
It took those burn marks forever to go away!!
Stupid soul.

Pocket Spike decides to brood. Or maybe he's working on his Bloody Awful Poetry.
Pocket Edward and Pocket Illyria started fighting again.
Yay for weapons!

Pocket Spike is annoyed because PE and PI are acting like children.
He's having to tell them to stop!
He's used to being the out of control guy!
Man, life just isn't fair, huh Pocket Spike?

Pocket Spike:
So, you...sparkle, huh?
That's bloody weird.

Pocket Edward:
Are you wearing a...necklace?
Pocket Spike:
It's an amulet, Hair Boy, and my human could not remove it!
Pocket Edward:
It looks like a necklace to me!
Pocket Spike:
Oh, sod off.Pocket Edward:
What are you doing?
Pocket Spike:
I'm brooding.
Pocket Edward:
Yeah it kinda looks like you're doing ballet.
Pocket Spike:
Bloody hell.

The Pockets stare at each other, contemplating hair gel and who goes through more of it each day. Important things to think about...

Pocket Edward:
Oh yay. Pocket Psycho Smurf is back.
Oh joy.

Pocket Spike isn't too excited that he's the shortest one here.

Why, hello, McCheffy!
He's also joining the Pocket Family.
We'll leave his story for another day!

Peter Facinelli won the twitter bet against Rob DeFranco!

I cannot wait for the bikini dance on June 30th!
Peter Facinelli is such a dork!
Congratulations, Peter Facinelli, from one of your several Peter Pimpers!
I hope to receive an autographed pic and a follow on Twitter!
That would rock my socks off!
True story!

Anyway, I'm completely exhausted.
All this @peterfacinelli celebration is wearing me out!
I'm glad we made it work!!
Team Carlisle!!

Love you guys!

Kellebelle1981 :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mondays are still LAME

Saturday I went and saw "Terminator Salvation" with Andrea.
This was my second time to see it. Andrea's first.

I mean...can I have my own humanator (thanks, Andrea, for giving me that word)??
Sam Worthington still makes me drool.
I'm so buying this movie when it comes out on DVD!
I don't own a Blu-Ray player.
I refuse to keep up with the latest fads.
In college, I refused to give up my video tapes for DVDs.
But I digress...

We ran into...well watched our CARPLEGANGERS drive past us in Spring Hill.
The blue bug in front is the same color as mine.
The silver car to the right is the exact same as the one we took this picture from.
Watch out for them!
They'll sneak up on you!

Kelley's Famous Stupid Quote of the Weekend:
"I need to be gettin' my drunk on before I drink."
Yeah, I had not had anything to drink when I said this.
We're not really sure why these words came out of my mouth.
I'm just that special apparently.

Question: What did Kelley and Andrea do on Saturday night?
Answer: We sat on Twitter all night.

Peter Facinelli needs 500,000 followers by Friday.
If he loses he has to give up the back of his chair from Twilight.
If he wins, his friend has to wear an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini on Hollywood Blvd while singing "All the Single Ladies" and wearing a sign that says "Twitter me."
So, I implore everyone!
Follow @peterfacinelli on Twitter!

Why would you NOT want to follow this guy?!?
So just do it!
And if you don't have a Twitter account...
Then follow @peterfacinelli before Friday!!!
I, for one, want to see @211me on youtube.com singing in his bikini.
What's not to love there?

Daily Ode to Spike:

Yup...still HOT!

I'm expecting another pocket friend to join me very soon!
Then I'll post more Pocket pictures!
For now, Pocket Edward and Pocket Illyria are working out their differences.
Well, Pocket Illyria mostly insists that Pocket Edward is a vile half-breed.
Pocket Edward's latest retort was "At least I don't look like a Smurf!"
Honestly, it's like dealing with children!
I already had to take Pocket Illyria's weapons from her.
She kept trying to use them on Pocket Edward.
I've told her repeatedly that they won't do anything to him.
She's stubborn though.
I can't wait for my new Pocket friend to arrive.
Maybe he can at least talk some sense into Pocket Illyria!

I haven't forgotten about you, Oh Hotness of Hotville!
You're still one tasty bit 'o vampire meat!
I'm already drooling again.

And here endeth the Monday ramblings and ultra bad attitude!
If any of these pictures are not showing up, just know that I will eventually replace them.
I linked them directly from the web.
This is a different computer.
My man meat pictures are on the other laptop.


PS-Julie left for Europe today!
I miss you, girl!
Have tons of fun!
Love ya!
And I promise, I will update the Man Meat blog while you are away! :D