Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday night drunkeness

I'd like to introduce everyone to Pocket Illyria!
She's a total badass!!

So I allowed Pocket Edward to help hold the scissors.
He was very enthusiastic about letting her free!

I had to help him hold the scissors, but he's so proud of himself.
He let another friend go free.
There is always some awesomeness in that! :D

Pocket Edward was so happy to see Pocket Illyria freed that he immediately offered her a hug.
Not a wise choice, my friend!

This is the craziness that ensued next!
Poor Edward!
I tried to warn him!
She likes her weapons!

That's right! Pocket Illyria just ordered him to talk to the hand!
Really mature there, demon god! :P

Needless to say, Edward attempted to strangle her.
It didn't work.

She threw him down.
And then she showed off the fact that her legs are bendy!

Now Pocket Edward just glares.
He asked me if we could put her back in the box.
I told him no.
Sometimes you just have to figure shit out!

So here is a picture of me and Andrea before going out.
No we are not drunk!

I love her! Aren't we the cutest friends ever??

So we like to take pictures. Just keep drooling. :P

Here is little ole me...just posin' for the camera!

Daily Ode to Spike:

Okay....I'm drunk!
I really think you're too hot!

So I think I'd like to give a few shoutouts to my awesome Twitter followers:

Okay I'm honestly tired.
I'm going to have to stop.
Drunk blogging is not easy!

I love you guys! :D

belle1981 :D


  1. Umm...quit getting spike pics from the web they don't show up on my browser! Love ya! Just copy the pics on your comp...can you ever have too many?

  2. Oh and we are cute friends too dammit! Lol you guys are cute

  3. i'm sorry! i'll fix the spike picture shortly!!

  4. Have I told you how much Pocket Edward makes me laugh... love it.

  5. lol glad you are enjoying it cydia. he makes me laugh too! ;D

  6. Hey who is the cute girl with the great smile? Oh, that is Kelley! No way. LOL Love the adventures of Pocket Eddie. What is next to befall the little man? Can't wait to find out.