Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm Still Alive!!

Sunday Attitude Thoughts:

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack!! I know everyone was totally concerned about my long absence from blog-world (and Celeb Man Meat) this weekend, but I've been one busy little Kelley!

First of all, I went to part one of my high school reunion on Friday! It was great seeing everyone for the first time in ten years, and my high school looks absolutely amazing now! Think small college campus! Anyhoo, seeing old friends again was excellent!

I am, of course, the only one wearing some sort of vibrant color. Apparently it was black and white day, and I did not receive the memo. Hmmm...
The highlight of my Friday night?
My old theatre director giving me $25 as a way of saying sorry for yelling at me in front of everyone like twelve years ago.
The $25 was to get me into the Saturday night reunion thing, as I was not aware there would be a fee to get into that.
However, I do digress...

On Saturday night, our class of 230 (or so) was invited to celebrate the Class of 1999 reunion at a bar downtown. My friends, we were a Catholic high school, and there was alcohol at the school when I went on Friday night.
I enjoyed a few glasses of White Zinfandel last night.
Well, I was drunk.
Woohoo!Okay, I was not yet drunk in this picture, but there is my first glass of wine in the lower left hand corner of the picture.
I was in a great mood!!
Check out how totally pale I am!
I mean, seriously!
At the same time, I do enjoy knowing that I won't look 80 when I'm 50.
I've also been told that I look exactly the same as I did in high school.
WORD! I don't age...just like vampires!
Well, I wish!

This is me and one of my best friends, Stephanie. My friend Laura was doing the bunny ears behind us. Aren't we super cute? :)
These lovely girls are two of my good friends, Rachel and Amanda!
They are awesome! I love them!
Me and Amanda were in Color Guard together my senior year.
Yes, I said Color Guard.
Don't judge me!
It was fun!
Pocket Edward was totally infatuated with my friend Stephanie's glass of beer.
How often does the guy get to attend high school reunions?
I mean really!
He almost fell headfirst into my glass of wine, but Stephanie has that photo on her camera, so I'll post that one another day.
He was a great date for the reunion!
No one was at all put off by his little pocket presence!
This is Mike. We went to high school together, but did not really hang out.
So we re-introduced ourselves and shook hands.
We were both really drunk so we were high-fiving like crazy at the end of the night.
We even stole a few extra Class of '99 beer cozies when no one was looking.
Shhh...don't tell anyone!
I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm slightly insane...or simply weird.
It's okay. I've learned to embrace my quirkiness quite well!Me and Rachel decided to show off that we're wearing leggings.
I think maybe I should tone down on some of my posing. HAHA!
I was way too drunk by this point!!

Me with Stephanie and Amanda.
I'm the only drunk one in this picture.
Wow...can you tell?
Just look at my eyes!
I'm such a cheap date!
Well, sort of...

Mike wanted to do the ROCKSTAR pose!
So I did.
Like I said...
I like Mike. He's totally entertaining and goofy.

So that was my Saturday night! See? I was totally busy!
And then today my mother calls me to ask me if I'm coming to the reunion.
I was like "What reunion?"
She said "The FAMILY reunion. The Lechleiter reunion."
I was like "OMG Holy crap, that's today?!?"
She said "Yes, and your father said you were riding with us."
I was like "Okay! I'll be there shortly!"
I was laughing hysterically by this point.
Most likely from exhaustion. I went to a family reunion.
This is my Mom and my precious little nephew.
He's doing his "cheese face."
What a ham!
I adore that child!!
Okay, everyone falls in love with this kid!
And how can they not??
He's totally precious.
I freakin' LOVE him!
You would too if you met him!
Trust me!
My dad took more pictures.
I'll upload those another time as well!

Daily Ode to Spike:

Okay, so bask in the hotness of Spike once again! YUM!

And I received a request to do an Ode to Angel.
Who am I to deny a girl some Angel eye candy?
That would make me a total

And there you have it! One Angel-shaped hottie, as requested!
And he is still hot!
Why can't hotness like this exist anywhere in Nashville??
I have yet to find it, at least!

Well, here endeth the tales of my crazy busy weekend!
I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures!
Please leave comments.
Ta! :)


  1. A crack me up...dork! I love you! Maybe put me on here more...I feel like I was left out of all the fun!


  2. sorry julz. i start posting pictures of us in all our dorky glory soon. maybe we'll have pictures of us doing crazy things with pocket edward. you never know! :P

  3. lol...pocket edward can't resist us! He knows it..he will come out of hiding soon much like when edward left us to "protect us" whatevs...he'll be around

  4. yeah yeah. i might let him examine your freezer or play with your cats or try to push your huge garbage can down the driveway. you never know.

  5. omg me=died! lol I am are hilarious! no wonder you have 9 followers versus my 4

  6. tell him good luck with the trash can...even his vampire strength can't tackle it!

  7. tell pocket eddie to stay out of my mail and they are supposed to have compters in the hotel with internet ill get on as much as i can

  8. okay good. you'll have to keep up with all the mischief he'll be creating around your house. pray for your kitties. mwahahahahaha!

  9. lmao looks like you had alot of fun!! I made you up a button and put you on my list of blogs to see!! check it out

  10. I didn't tell ya before.. But thanks for the Angel eye candy... he makes me say mmmm everytime... Last year I started watchingh Buffy from the beginning. I couldn't start season 4 because Angel isn't there... One day I will continue.


  11. omg i love season 4 of buffy...but spike was always my favorite. you should give it a chance! :D