Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25th...the CRAPPIEST day ever!

I wish I had something funny and witty to say to you guys today.
Unfortunately, this has been the shittiest of all shitty days.

RIP Farrah Fawcett

You were an amazing person.
You will be missed!!

RIP Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson was my favorite singer when I was a small child.
He was an amazing performer, and I feel for his family right now.
I grew up listening to him, and am saddened by his unexpected death.
We will miss you!!

In other news:
A Metro cop was shot repeatedly by a man who escaped from a jail down in Mississippi.
He is currently in the hospital.
The doctors are working around the clock for him.
He is Sgt. Mark Chestnut.
Please keep him and his family in your prayers during this difficult time for them!

In other other news:
I lost my job today.
I don't feel like going into details.
It's no one's business what really happened.
So naturally everyone at work received a letter telling them exactly what happened.
I'm not sure, but I think there is something wrong with that.
This is my opportunity to venture out and find something better.
Like...something that goes along with my degrees.
Who knows?
I'm keeping my chin up.
My family is supportive.
My friends are supportive.
I have a few people on the lookout for job openings for me.

I leave for England in exactly one month from today.

That picture improved my mood a good 75%.
I'd say that's pretty impressive.
I can't wait!!

Tomorrow is Follow Friday.
My favorite Twitter day of the week!
I love you guys!
Thank you for your support today as well...
and for not expecting me to share a play by play of what happened!

Here's to hoping for a better tomorrow!

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. Much love and hugs sweetie! Muah!

  2. Hugs and love to ya! Things will get better! You have great family and friends that will help you through this! Good things will happen for you, I just know it!!! L

  3. oops, didn't finish before I posted!! That should be Love ya! Emily. Have a wonderful Friday!

  4. Kelly, your blog is wonderful, I love it!!!You are a talented and great person to know. Hope I can meet you one of these days!!!