Friday, June 5, 2009

Mid-Day Ponderings

Can I really wait until July 15th for the next Harry Potter movie to finally come out??

I have got to find ways to keep myself distracted until then. OMG! Hmmm...

I suppose I could just survive by staring at Edward Cullen and repeatedly watching Twilight and rereading the books in the meantime. Oh, Harry Potter, how I have missed you!

Daily Ode to Spikey Hotness:

Does anyone else get all giddy seeing pictures of Spike? Hello HOTNESS!

Okay, here am I with my little brother, little sister, and adorable nephew! My family totally rocks! I love them! :D

And sadly, it is time to return to work.


  1. Staring at Edward and watching Twilight over and over sounds good to me! My only complaint...too short

  2. sorry, yo! i had fifteen minutes until my lunch break ended! :)

  3. ENJOY UR WEINER YESTERDAY KELLYBELLY? (SINGS) "on top of kell's WEINER, all covered in cheese...." - A.Me

  4. lol i did. :P thanks for saving me from having to go out and buy lunch. yay bad attitude!