Monday, June 15, 2009

Mondays are still LAME

Saturday I went and saw "Terminator Salvation" with Andrea.
This was my second time to see it. Andrea's first.

I mean...can I have my own humanator (thanks, Andrea, for giving me that word)??
Sam Worthington still makes me drool.
I'm so buying this movie when it comes out on DVD!
I don't own a Blu-Ray player.
I refuse to keep up with the latest fads.
In college, I refused to give up my video tapes for DVDs.
But I digress...

We ran into...well watched our CARPLEGANGERS drive past us in Spring Hill.
The blue bug in front is the same color as mine.
The silver car to the right is the exact same as the one we took this picture from.
Watch out for them!
They'll sneak up on you!

Kelley's Famous Stupid Quote of the Weekend:
"I need to be gettin' my drunk on before I drink."
Yeah, I had not had anything to drink when I said this.
We're not really sure why these words came out of my mouth.
I'm just that special apparently.

Question: What did Kelley and Andrea do on Saturday night?
Answer: We sat on Twitter all night.

Peter Facinelli needs 500,000 followers by Friday.
If he loses he has to give up the back of his chair from Twilight.
If he wins, his friend has to wear an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini on Hollywood Blvd while singing "All the Single Ladies" and wearing a sign that says "Twitter me."
So, I implore everyone!
Follow @peterfacinelli on Twitter!

Why would you NOT want to follow this guy?!?
So just do it!
And if you don't have a Twitter account...
Then follow @peterfacinelli before Friday!!!
I, for one, want to see @211me on singing in his bikini.
What's not to love there?

Daily Ode to Spike:

Yup...still HOT!

I'm expecting another pocket friend to join me very soon!
Then I'll post more Pocket pictures!
For now, Pocket Edward and Pocket Illyria are working out their differences.
Well, Pocket Illyria mostly insists that Pocket Edward is a vile half-breed.
Pocket Edward's latest retort was "At least I don't look like a Smurf!"
Honestly, it's like dealing with children!
I already had to take Pocket Illyria's weapons from her.
She kept trying to use them on Pocket Edward.
I've told her repeatedly that they won't do anything to him.
She's stubborn though.
I can't wait for my new Pocket friend to arrive.
Maybe he can at least talk some sense into Pocket Illyria!

I haven't forgotten about you, Oh Hotness of Hotville!
You're still one tasty bit 'o vampire meat!
I'm already drooling again.

And here endeth the Monday ramblings and ultra bad attitude!
If any of these pictures are not showing up, just know that I will eventually replace them.
I linked them directly from the web.
This is a different computer.
My man meat pictures are on the other laptop.


PS-Julie left for Europe today!
I miss you, girl!
Have tons of fun!
Love ya!
And I promise, I will update the Man Meat blog while you are away! :D


  1. As i scrolled down, i thought the pic of rob was pocket edward... i thought "wow. how lifelike." haha. i'm lame. :)

  2. Kelley OMG! I am in English hell. Read your email for why. When you read this tell me what time it is there. Today is a total waste. My Mom is sick and can't go anywhere and since, um I'm in a foreign country and know no one. I do not want to go places by myself. She has motion sickness. She swears she is sick from the 1 xanax I gave her on the plane. Who in the world has ever gotten sick on Xanax! Love the post as always. These England keyboards are ummm...different...I have internet in the lobby can't hot it but I'll check back since it is like I dunno 4 Am there or ya! Julz

  3. that word was hog not hot told you the keyboards here are short bus

  4. aaaa all this hotness of one page!!! wow **drooling as we speak**
    So EXCITED for your new Pocket FRIEND!!! SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

  5. OMG OK I really think that is one of my top 5 pics for Peter's alltime best pics!

    And wth is wrong with sitting on Twitter all night?? LOL We have some good times!