Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ours is a forbidden love...

Welcome to the Thursday edition of My Bad Attitude!

First off, I would like to point out the current winsumtermer season we are currently experiencing thanks to the storms that are coming through. I bring this up because I didn't melt when I got into my car today (thank you, cloudy skies), and I had to apply the use of a lightweight jacket in order to avoid random goosebumps. Nifty!

winsumtermer: the mixing together of the words "winter" and "summer" to describe the confusing weather patterns Nashville seems to be following this year

For example:

Yesterday's Temperature-

Hey there, giant ball of fire, thank you for visiting Nashville for the past few days!
Your presence almost made me suffocate inside my car.
Please don't visit again anytime soon.

Today's Temperature -

Cloudy and cool. Thanks again, cloudy skies, for chasing the big ball of sun-powered fire back into space.
I enjoyed the refreshing feeling of cool air smacking me in the face.
You rock!

Secondly: Gas prices. They suck. Again.

Next up: Texas Roadhouse...COME BACK! Me and a friend enjoy our outings to Texas Roadhouse once a week, and today I drive to my favorite restaurant only to find the windows boarded up and the Texas Roadhouse signs completely gone! I'm currently mourning the loss of my weekly intake of hot rolls and cinnamon butter.
Dear Texas Roadhouse People:
Thank you for emailing me last Friday to inform me that the Texas Roadhouse in Franklin would
be shutting down. Why did you have to close in a matter of four days? For future reference, please give your patrons a chance to say goodbye. Is that too much to ask?

Now I have to find somewhere else to go every Wednesday. Ummm hello! I don't handle change very well! And did I mention the loss of hot rolls and cinnamon butter?!?!

I did go to therapy today, and my therapist is very pleased with my lack of bad attitude and apparent cheerfulness. So I wonder if that means bad news for my bad attitude blog.

Okay, here's my Daily Ode to Spike.
He makes me happy.

Well, another day at work has completely fried my brain, and tomorrow there shall be more fry-age. So, here endeth my boring Thursday blog.

Love ya peeps! :)

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