Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings...

It's only Tuesday.
I have nothing exciting to tell you guys about.

Pocket Edward had to help me drive the other day.
Road rage was taking over.
He's a much better drive than me.
Vampire reflexes and all that.

This is my bff, Andrea.
She's my
bad attitude sista.
She shares my love for T:TSCC.
She allows me to o
bsess over RPattz.
And have I mentioned that she's c
ool as hell?
Just sayin'...

This is my bff, Julie.
been friends since 1st grade!
That's 23 years of friendship, my friends!
She shares my RP
attz obsession.
She's going to
be my new roommate soon!
both read vampire books nonstop.
At this moment, we are watching "True
I'm gagging over
Bill Compton.
I'm TEAM ERIC all the wa

I love the theme song for the show.
Listen to it.
"Bad Things" Jace Everett
It's awesome
(cuz I say so)!

So one night, I had to take Julie to the ER.
She'd had a migraine all day, and no amount of medication was making it go away.
Pocket Edward got a little bored.
Luckily, he was a
big hit with all the ER nurses.
Still, he started going a little nuts at the hospital.
I wonder if he was trying to distract himself from all the
happy meals with legs.

We tried to tell him to take a rest in the hospital bed.
He got restless pretty

He tells us he has two medical degrees...
but he was obviously too small to even hold the ear-looky thingie.
Still, it was nice of him to enter
tain us while we waited.

Well, Pocket Edward got a little too anxious.
Good thing I just happened to be snooping around and wearing a glove.
Apparently he thought I would taste appealing.
Shame on you, Pocket Edward!
That really hurt (my feelings)!

Luckily, Pocket Edward felt remorseful.
He even offered me a band-aid.
He dazzled me into forgiving him.
Of course, it worked.

Still, he regretted his action.
So he decided to brood.
And contemplated throwing himself from the countertop.
His plan was thwarted when he remem
bered he was a vampire.
He'd land gracefully...kinda like a cat.
It's okay, PE, I still love you!

So, anyway, we've moved on now.
One night, Pocket Edward found my Pocket Illyria.
He keeps trying to convince me to remove her from the box.
I think it would make Pocket
Bella a little jealous.
Illyria is too much woman for her.
I might let her free one day though.

In the meantime, Pocket Edward helps out with laundry.
He keeps falling in the washing machine though.

When that doesn't work, he takes the time to read "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."
Being so small, it takes him a little longer to read the novel.
He really likes it though.
I told him once he finishes it, I'll free Pocket Illyria from her confines.
He's working his little pocket arms off to finish that

Daily Ode to Spike:

Oh my.
Where is my Spike?
Or my Edward?

Tomorrow is Wednesday.
Happy Hump Day, my friends!
Sometimes I get a little bored at work.
And this is what happens.

Someone please tell me WHY they have made "10 Things I Hate A
bout You" into a television show? Hello! Heath Ledger made that movie awesome!
Now I'm just depressed.
And annoyed.
That was so a movie from when I was in highschool.

And that's all I have to say a
bout that!

Love you guys! :D

So now for the
big question:
Should I let Pocket Illyria out of her
box? Yay or nay?!?!
Vote (aka comment)! :D


  1. Keep pocket Illyria in the box she scares the crap out of me! She kill me! Achmed is scared of her! Holy Crap! Love you! You are hilarious! I'm glad something good came out of my migraine! Pocket Edward gets to go to the hospital and have sanitary adventures! Hehe! He bit you! I will have my retribution! I will put him in the washing machine and it will hurt him this time mwahhahahahahahwahahahaha! No one hurts my Kellebelle!

  2. hahaha make him help you with laundry and the packing for your trip! :D

  3. Yeah I need his vampire expertise and his scents to help me find my specific fabrics. Umm...have you noticed that for a vampire PE is mighty clumsy and unbalanced...is it the statue thing? I confused why does he not ever sit? DON'T LET ILLYRIA OUT! She scary! Srsly! Julz

  4. You can only let pocket illyria out if you let pocket wesley out to control her!
    oooohhhhh! Is there a pocket Wesley, or Angel, or Spike???? I hope so that would be so fun! If not
    Dear China: Make pocket Wesley, pocket Angel and for my kellebelle, pocket Spike kthanxbye!


  6. omg wheaty's girl! i can't wait! i'll start ringing bells and creating all sorts of commotion when my edward comes along! :D you'll be the first to know. well maybe one of the first... :)

    julie, pocket illyria is not scary. besides, pocket edward is almost as strong as her, so it should be fine between them. i'll just have to tell her to not treat him like he's scum just cuz he's a half-breed. you know how those old demon goddesses are.

  7. I know but I want a pocket Wesley and Gunn and Angel and Lorne and Buffy and Xander and Spike all we gotta do is call China and tell them to start making them. It won't be hard...know any chinese?

  8. omg keep her in her box!!!
    PE only gets one woman PB!!
    OMGAWD IF THERE WAS A PSPIKE that would be fucking awesome!!! wow PS!!! NUMMY!
    AND OMG "know and chinese" lmfao.......
    visit me at www.legacy62.blogspot.com
    **{{drooling over spike picture}}**

  9. i'm "googling" pocket spike and gonna try and find one. pocket illyria wouldn't try to steal pocket edward from pocket bella. i'd smack her around. i don't have a pocket bella though and pocket edward is lonely. :P