Saturday, June 20, 2009

We have a new Pocket Friend!! :D

This week was my version of
Surviving Hell on Earth.
Today the heat index was 102.
Yesterday it was 105!
I HATE living in the South!
So there is another good reason for me to move to England...or Forks, WA. :)
the Highly Anticipated
Pocket Spike
has arrived and is currently interacting with the other pockets.
I've also picked up an unknown Pocket by the name of McCheffy.
He really just wanted to be part of a Pocket Group.
He can't move at all...
but we'll see how this works out for him!

Please say "hello" to Pocket Spike!
*cue the Superhero music*
He just joined us from Sunnydale...or maybe Los Angeles.
Either way, he's here now.
Everyone feel free to squeal like RPattz's obsessive fangirls!
Just don't stalk him the same way.
I'd have to hurt you.

While Pocket Spike took the time to get himself used to things
he drank a cup of blood from his favorite
Kiss the Librarian mug.
He stole it from Giles.
Pocket Spike has always been a klepto!

Pocket Spike and Pocket Edward finally meet!
Pocket Spike is pretty strange for a vampire.
And he doesn't sparkle like Pocket Edward.
He's one badass vampire though!
Pocket Edward, be warned!

While Pocket Edward examines this strange breed of vampire, Pocket Illyria, who was still upset over Pocket Edward's "smurf" retort, sneaks up behind him.
Apparently she needs to be locked in a cage.

Pocket Spike isn't sure what to make of this bizarre feud.

Pocket Illyria decides to dangle the mug o' blood in front of Pocket Edward.
Pocket Spike thought it would be funny to have Pocket Edward drink from the Cup of Perpetual Torment (aka Mountain Dew)!
So far I'm predicted fights of Gerry Springer proportions from these guys.

Pocket Spike remember that cross.
He's not too fond of it.
And he will not be hugging it again.
It took those burn marks forever to go away!!
Stupid soul.

Pocket Spike decides to brood. Or maybe he's working on his Bloody Awful Poetry.
Pocket Edward and Pocket Illyria started fighting again.
Yay for weapons!

Pocket Spike is annoyed because PE and PI are acting like children.
He's having to tell them to stop!
He's used to being the out of control guy!
Man, life just isn't fair, huh Pocket Spike?

Pocket Spike:
So, you...sparkle, huh?
That's bloody weird.

Pocket Edward:
Are you wearing a...necklace?
Pocket Spike:
It's an amulet, Hair Boy, and my human could not remove it!
Pocket Edward:
It looks like a necklace to me!
Pocket Spike:
Oh, sod off.Pocket Edward:
What are you doing?
Pocket Spike:
I'm brooding.
Pocket Edward:
Yeah it kinda looks like you're doing ballet.
Pocket Spike:
Bloody hell.

The Pockets stare at each other, contemplating hair gel and who goes through more of it each day. Important things to think about...

Pocket Edward:
Oh yay. Pocket Psycho Smurf is back.
Oh joy.

Pocket Spike isn't too excited that he's the shortest one here.

Why, hello, McCheffy!
He's also joining the Pocket Family.
We'll leave his story for another day!

Peter Facinelli won the twitter bet against Rob DeFranco!

I cannot wait for the bikini dance on June 30th!
Peter Facinelli is such a dork!
Congratulations, Peter Facinelli, from one of your several Peter Pimpers!
I hope to receive an autographed pic and a follow on Twitter!
That would rock my socks off!
True story!

Anyway, I'm completely exhausted.
All this @peterfacinelli celebration is wearing me out!
I'm glad we made it work!!
Team Carlisle!!

Love you guys!

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. You are hilarious! I love the adventures of PE, PS, and PI! :)

  2. OH my God Kelley I almost fell out of my chair..Pocket Spike is awesome. Pocket Edward and I went up on the London Eye today and took pictures, people were looking at me like I'm crazy but I've got some funny want a Pocket Angel now, Okay it's official I have to get one! When I get home it's PA time...yeah baby...but seriously I was dying laughing...lymy so much! Julz

  3. Ok, that blog is your best yet! LOVE pocket Spike!!!! We will have to take all three of them with us while we are down!!! Can't wait until the 3rd!!

  4. that was frickin' hilarious kelley! where did you stage all those pics? it looks like a garage or spike rules! i love the fact that he can barely

  5. Pocket mcCheffy came all the way from England with his bad attitude and mad skillz in the kitchen and is now in the employ of Pocket Edward as his personal chef and confidante. He has magical powers yet to be discovered. He is a friend indeed when u are in need.

  6. stephanie, i took them in my bedroom lol. pocket spike is way more bendy than pocket edward. pocket mccheffy can't move at all haha! but i think he just wills nutritional sustenance into existence!

    andrea, no wonder mccheffy looks like he fits in so well. bad attitudes unite!! :)

  7. Yay BFF I found it =))) Im so excited that you used my was so unreal to actually be there...was so happy to represent the peter pimpettes!! And glad I could get you that autograph!!! Woo hoo =))) You and your blog so rock my socks!! Love's ya!! xoxoxo... @xxooandcookies

  8. LMAO LMAO that's all I have to say!!! Genious! The pocket vamp show was hilarious! So creative! Your new follower, Janina

  9. oops, I didn't mean to be anonymous!