Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July weekend! Yay!

Yes, I am a TWILIGHT fanatic!
I have read the first book six times.
Okay, I know what you're thinking.
Kelley, you're 28 years old!
Don't you have a life?
Well, my answer is: NO.
I'm single. I have no kids. I have no job (yet).

my point is that I'm beyond excited about the highly anticipated release of
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
*takes a deep breath*
As much as I love Twilight, Harry Potter will always have my heart.
I'm just sayin'...J.K. Rowling is a fantastic writer!
Nothing against Stephenie Meyer at all, but J.K. Rowling is truly magical.

Check me out, cheesing for the camera next to the Harry Potter poster in my brand-spanking new Gryffindor jacket.
That's right!
In the picture you see below....
that is obviously what one side looks like.
The other side is completely black.
It has the Gryffindor crest on the front.
I heart my new Harry Potter jacket.

Well, as all my friends are aware, I am incapable of taking a serious picture.
Maybe this is where my nephew gets his "cheese" face from when I take his photo.
If I can pull off a funny picture, then serious pictures are a piece of cake.
So the picture below was a FAIL because of the bright glare in the middle.

I think now I should share my new love affair with Hot Topic.
I can no longer walk into that store without purchasing something.
Today it was this shirt...

If anyone comes across a shirt that says BAD ATTITUDE, please let me know!
I need a shirt that fits my blog.
And this shirt just fits my personality!
I mean, I like to pretend that I have an over-abundance of self-confidence.
What's the bad there?

Okay, I'd like to point out one thing.
I go to Twitter jail...A LOT.
I don't always understand why the Twitter police punish me as often as they do.
Sometimes I get sent to Twitter jail twice a day.
Luckily, my friend Patrick was nice enough to add bars to my Twitter jail account photo.
Follow him on Twitter.
He's the bombdiggety!
And while you're at it, please make sure to follow my Twitter Jail account.
Warden Buttcrack G-pa is super nice, but I prefer the freedom of tweeting from my normal account.
Twitter Police, I implore you.
Please STOP sending me to Twitter jail every freakin' day!
It makes me sad!!!
And kinda mad.

So check it out.
Julie purchased sunglasses Edward and Pocket Bella today.
All the pockets were drawn to this new duo.
Even Mr. Gordo Piggy Bank wanted to see what the big deal was.
Vamped out Angel is sitting on top holding Baby Connor in one hand and an axe in the other.
They all like to be involved in harassing the newbies.

Funny story.
While Julie and Emily were opening the brand new pocket package...
Emily pulled Pocket Edward from the plastic and...
Pocket Edward's head pops right off!
This problem was fixed with the use of fingernail glue.
Pocket Edward's head is now securely stuck to his neck.
just a few minutes later, Julie tests the bendiness of Pocket Edward's waist.
Well well well, my friends...
Pocket Edward's legs popped right off!!
I kid you not.
Instead of returning this defective toy to Hot Topic, we all decided pictures of this legless Pocket Edward would be quite amusing for my blog.
So we took even more pictures.
The Pocket Friends had quite an adventure tonight!

Daily Ode to James Marsters:

Even in the heat of battle, covered in blood and rain, you're still quite tasty!
What would I do without my daily odes to you, Captain Sexy?

Johnny Depp, you are so fine!

I've been on a real Johnny Depp thing lately.
Holy hell, this man is hot hot HOT!
If only we all could age this nicely!
Geez, son!

So I make it pretty obvious that I'm a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
In my opinion, Buffy was a whiny bitch.
Especially with the way she treated my Spikey.
This is the one I idolize.
I want to be her!
She's a badass and HOT to boot!
Umm...why can't I be a badass?
Or hot?
Just wondering.

I think I should go to bed.
More fun with the friends tomorrow!
Have a great 4th of July everyone!
I love you guys!

Kellebelle1981 :D

PS-England trip.
Three weeks away!
Can I get a HELL YEAH!?!?! :)


  1. yep we made the most of a bad sitch..I coulda cried instead I made funny pics...hehe when life hands you lemons you make lemonade! "Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what, you're gonna get" Hence, headless edward and legless edward!

  2. I'm in love with that picture of Johnnie Depp, and as you know, I'm thrown in Twitter Jail more often that not. LOL. I love your awesomeness shirt. It makes me giggle. I exuberate self-confidence I don't always feel, too. Must be a Kel thing :)
    I enjoyed your blog post! My mom just got done reading the Twilight series & insists that I read the books, so I have the first one waiting on me. I'll start reading it soon. :)
    Your reviews help!
    Again, love the blog!
    Kelly :)

  3. You have great taste in men! Your pics with your -Isn't it nephew? we're great! Your very photgenic. I saw the episode of Angel this morning where Fred "dies" and Illyria takes over her body. I cried for her and Wes, I'm a sap!