Friday, July 24, 2009

England, Here I Come!!!!!

Just some things before I go.

Twilight Google

Visit that site. It's funny. :)

Here is a Sneak Peak from New Moon
(Do what you can to ignore the squealing girls)
The clip was actually really good, even though it was recorded from someone camera phone.

Here is another Sneak Peak from New Moon
(Again, please ignore the squealing girls!)

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My Daily Ode to Spike:

Kellan Lutz does push-ups...
'nuff said. :)

True Blood Parody Promo
Sookie invites YOU to taste her juice...
I love this video for the "Bill" guy and "Sookeh? Sookeh!"

This is what Anya has been saying all along!
Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!

Funny Road Signs:

Dude, that is NOT funny!!

Ain't that the truth?
That sign should be on every major street in Nashville.

The real reason marijuana isn't legal.

So what's up with all the random media on this blog post?
You know I normally try to keep them somewhat personal.
Why not?
I'm gonna be on an eight hour flight tomorrow night.

England Mission #1:

Find Robert Pattinson

Word on the street is that Captain Sparklefabulous will be in the UK at the same time I am.
That's a pretty sweet deal.
My goal is to find this sexpot and faint like a sissy politely ask for a picture and an autograph...

England Mission #2:
Ride a Double Decker Bus

What's not to love there?

England Mission #3:
Operation Red Phone Booth

Can I...
and Hazel...
and James...
and the Pocket Pals...
all fit into this phone box?
We shall try to get a picture and see! :D

Okay my lovelies!
I must go to bed.
Please check my blog for any surprise updates!
Hey, it could happen!

You guys are the best! :D

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. We are all gonna miss you:/ Have fun and stay safe! Xoxoxoxo. *Muah*

  2. Girl, I'm gonna miss you.....*sniff sniff*but maybe you can hunt Rob down and give him a nice big kiss(Kristen has to stay behind anyway, doesn't she?)Please be careful, you never know what kind of blokes you will run into. Be safe, and bring some napkins and matchbooks from a local pub for me ok, lol?

  3. P.S. We gotta make sure you're in one piece when we engage in Mission: Spike! Weren't the previews awesome? (Except for the squealing fangirls)