Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July (or NOT)!

Kellebelle's 4th of July Weekend
(Not so brief recap):

My friends come all the way down from Kentucky (and Ohio) to spend the 4th of July in Nashville and to see me.
They get a hotel room dow
Nashville has quite the impressive firew
orks show on the 4th.
We're pretty stoked about th
e show.

Then this happens...

Okay, rain, don't get me wrong.
I love you!
You make the sun go away for awhile.
Me and the sun don't have a great relationship.
I appreciate your awesomeness.

But seriously??
Couldn't you have waited until after the 4th of July to drench us in a torrential downpour?

I wanted to see this...

Apparently you had other plans.
So what did we do?

We went back upstairs to the hotel room and stared at the meager attempt at a fireworks display that was cut short by the ocean falling from the sky.
Not cool.

Pocket Spike and Pocket Edward stood on the window sill, wanting to watch the display.
There are their little shadowy figures gazing hopefully out the window.

My excitable little friends stared in wonder.
Sadly, fireworks are no match for thunderstorms.
Pocket Edward got excited for a moment upon hearing the thunder.
He wanted to play Vampire Baseball with his family.
He bowed his little head in disappointment when I pointed out to him that we only had Pocket Edward (Julie), Pocket Edward (Ray Bans) and Pocket Bella.
Plus, with thunderstorms in Nashville, there always comes a tornado watch/warning.

Boredom took over.
All the pockets came out to play.
And by all the pockets, I mean to say that Shelley's Pocket Angel (Vamp w/ Baby Connor) and Pocket Wesley also decided to join in on the fun.

Pocket Edward tried to hold Pocket Baby Connor.
Sadly, his arms don't really bend in a "baby holding" position.
So he improvised and allowed PBC to rest on his arm.

Pocket Spike "the Badass" was uncomfortable with Pocket Edward's approach at holding Pocket Baby Connor.
So he showed Pocket Edward the correct way to hold a baby...sort of.
Hmmm...I wonder what Pocket Vamped Out Angel was doing while PE and PS were incorrectly holding his infant son.

Oh there he is!
Hey, Pocket Vamped Out Angel!
Just because you've been referred to as the Dark Avenger does not make you Batman!
Batman doesn't have a bumpy forehead, fangs, and yellow eyes!
Just sayin'...

I think Pocket Edward and Pocket Spike are discussing the ups and downs of vampire daddies.
Pocket Vamped Out Angel has obviously gone off the deep end.
These two manly men will take care of this pocket baby.
You know...or not.

Pocket Illyria, having grown tired of Pocket Vamped Out Angel's antics, decides he must be evil.
With the help of Wesley, they get him to the ground, weapons at the ready.

Pocket Edward, seeing Pocket Illyria with a weapon, immediately spazzes out.
Pocket Vamped Out Angel, obviously annoyed, reminds everyone yet again that he "is not evil again!"

Pocket Edward:
Why are you pointing that sword at me?
Pocket Wesley:
I'm Wesley, Rogue Demon Hunter.
Watch out for me.
Pocket Edward:
Uh...what's a rogue demon?
Pocket Wesley:
*sigh* Never mind.

Pocket Spike:
Hey, Blue Meanie.
We don't get out the weapons around the baby.
Pocket Illyria:
This creature is small and cries a lot.
And I do not like the smell it has just made.
It offends me.

Pocket Spike, deciding it was time for Pocket Baby Connor to spend time with his daddy (no...that's not Pocket Baby Connor laying on the table next to an obviously drunken Angel), thinks it would be fun for he and Pocket Illyria to show off their mad sitting skills because they have bendy legs.
Pocket Edward tries to sit...but fails.
Poor Pocket Edward.

Here is Pocket Edward, going a little crazy.
He doesn't like being surrounded by these bizarre (and kind of mean) pockets.
Don't worry, Pocket Edward.
I hear Pocket Alice will be making her appearance shortly!
Then she can predict what these mischievous pockets have in store for you!

Well Pocket friends...I think it's time for you to call it a night.
That's enough shenanigans for one day!

They all turned around to stare at the window...
and grumble about the lack of fireworks.
Like I could control the weather or something!
Geez guys, whiny much??

And that is how Kellebelle spent her 4th of July.
I know it's not a happy story.
But it's all true.

Since my story was such an unhappy one,
here are some pictures of our favorite hot guys.

Well, that's all she wrote.
Er...I wrote.
There will be more pictures from our fabulous weekend coming soon.
I'm waiting for my friend Shelley to send the pictures and the cracked out story that goes with them.

I love you guys!

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. i love reading your blog. it always cracks me up.. i love when the pocket friends make an appearence... i can't a pocket friend. =(

  2. I have pocket friends that I think me and Kellebelle are going to get out and make them interact whether they like it or not and hopefully, Pocket Ray Bans Edward's cheap plastic body parts stay attached! You are funny dummy! How many times do I have to tell you :P