Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harry Potter and England and Sparkletastic Fun!

Well my friends,
we are down to the final hours.
In less than 24 hours, Julie and I will be sitting in a movie theatre.
We will be holding our giant box of tissues.
We will be hyped up on sugar and caffeine.
We will probably be squealing with excitement.

That's right.
I'm talking about the release of....


Only this time, I won't be standing next to the poster in my Gryffindor jacket like a giant dork.
Instead, I'll be standing in a long-ass line of Harry Potter nerds while I wear my...

*clears throat*
No, I'm not confused.
I am going express my freaky Harry Potter love through the wearing of a shirt that contradicts my awesomely reversible jacket.

Box of Tissues?
Nerdy excitement?
Plan to entertain myself while we stand in line for like three hours?

I am shaking in my little Kelley flip flops in anticipation for this movie!
Harry Potter, please don't leave us for so long again!
If you don't get an inkling of excitement seeing this video, then something must be wrong with you!!!

I know you, my loyal readers, will recognize this picture as my "Oh God, this traffic light is lasting so long that my stomach is threatening to consume my other internal organs" look, but it is also an accurate depiction of my "Oh my God, Harry Potter is coming out and I can't wait to go see it" look as well!
No difference.
I'm eagerly awaiting something I want that's taking too long to get to me.

Are you excited yet?
You should be!
I am!

Pocket Edward:
That looks good. What's it called?
White Zinfandel.
Pocket Edward:
Can I try it?
Uh...sure. I thought you only drank blood.
*suspicious glare*
Pocket Edward:
That tastes pretty good. *hiccup*
*attempts to remove PE from wine glass*
You're a real light weight for a vampire.
Pocket Edward:
*bubbles in the wine*
All righty then.
You owe me $6 for that glass of wine, buddy!

Oh hey!
I leave for England in

*singing God Save the Queen*

I have so much to do, and so little time!
Procrastination, I know you well.
I'm excited about getting my hair done!

New Years Eve 2008.
This is the last time I got my hair done.
My roots are insane.
I'm thinking of going for a lighter red.
I'm tired of having dark brown hair.
I've always wanted an auburn or red look.
So, cross your fingers, I'll be getting the cutest look before I go and impress all those sexy British (and maybe Irish if I'm lucky) men across the pond.

Of course, by hunky British men, I do mean that they must look like this guy.
Or this guy...

Yes, I do realize that James Marsters is, in fact, American, but if I happen to run into this hunka hunka burnin' hotness in England...
I'm going to dazzle him!!!!
*sparkle sparkle sparkle*

I must call it quits for the night.
Much love to all my readers!
Please leave comments!
They make me happy!

*hugs and kisses*

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. dude compy moving snail speed...HP&HBP 2moro EEEEEEPPPPPP!!!!! Um as far as things to do to entertain ourselves, I'm at a loss too. We must take pics of our twinsie jackets and dorky HP apparel. I don not think we will have a hard time staying awake in this movie, definitely not borning, fo shizzle. If you do go to Britain and meet a man that looks like RPattz or James Marsters you better bring me a cute one back too or I will haunt you! Mwahahahaha No srsly make sure he has cute single friends that want to visit America and love blonde tall american girls! I'm sure you will dazzle many, take pocket pictures and blog..Dude pocket edward such a lush...special diet my behind, just tasting, sure you are, tell him to pay up that 6 bucks that may be payment for your snacks at the movie! Little dude should have drowned! Nah! I don't think that's possible! Anyhoo...3AM zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....tomorrow EEEEEPPPPPP!

  2. You're so lucky, and naughty PE needs a spanking!!!

  3. We bow at your awesomeness yet again! Glad you and Julie had fun. I promise to share my chocolate next time! <3 the blog update! ttys -P