Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm in a weird mood...

Hello my lovely readers!

We are now


away from my trip to England!

My Red Phone Booth awaits my arrival!
Isn't it pretty?
Pocket Edward is so excited to get his picture taken in one!

Hopefully we have no more embarrassing incidences like this one!
I've told Pocket Edward he is to stay away from the wine.
Pocket Spike knows how to hold his liquor.
I'm not so worried about him.
I just hope Pocket Illyria doesn't try to kill the Pocket Friends on the long as hell plane ride over to England!

My fiance cannot wait for me to get there!!
I hope my other fiance doesn't read this blog post.

I see nothing wrong with having two
fiances, but they might get jealous of each other.
I'd hate to see two guys get into a fight....
over little ole me.
Wait...that actually might be kinda nice.

me and Julie have been catching up on all the Harry Potter movies.
We had to put Buffy aside for a few days.
However, a Spike-a-thon is coming up shortly!

Billy Idol Spike...
you are so fine!

So I really don't have much to talk about.
I've had "Sex Bomb" going through my head for like...
4 DAYS!!
I am now subjecting everyone else to having Tom Jones stuck in their head for days!
Plus, this video is just funny! :)

Here is a recap of the PFach bet with Robbie D. on Twitter.
So amusing!

Oh, and awesome news!
Robbie D.
is now following me on Twitter as well!
It took a lot of harassment on my part.
And maybe some whining.
But I was victorious!!

Let's just say this...
I don't spend all my time going to Twitter Jail for nothing!
And as everyone is aware, I'm the queen of Twitter Jail.
We are convinced that Mr. Twitter does, in fact, have it out for me!
He did send me to Twitter Jail three times in one day once!

sorry for my lack of funny.
There is seriously nothing interesting going on in my life.

I continue to search for a new job.
Don't get me started on the B.S. of my jobless circumstances.
The more I think about it, the more I realize...

See my really annoyed face??

Nepotism in the workplace is beyond annoying.
I'm just sayin'...
I know incompetence when I see it.

Here are some bloopers to watch from Buffy and Angel.

Let's forget about my rant for a moment. :)
This is way more fun! :)
Please observe David Boreanaz and Alexis Denisof closely.
Their dancing skills are just...awesome.

Okay, sorry again for a less than amusing update!
I've got so much on my mind lately.
I've been trying to bottle it up,
but instead I just get more angry and annoyed.

I promise something funny next time!

I love you, my lovely readers!

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. Although, I didn't look at them when you were here I swear I will. I hope you blog in England. It's okay if this shows up on google, just make sure you keep it PG-13 you know no nudity or crass language...I have to be extremely careful, roving student eyes and all that you know? Love you, I'm so gonna miss you when you're in England..I'll try to stay up until 3 am to catch you on but no promises although, chronic insomnia is my best friend :) Love you to pieces you don't even realize how much it means to me...


  2. Still put a smile on my face KB! I can't believe you are going to be leaving us for almost 2 weeks! I am sure you and PE will have fun. ttys - Irish x