Friday, July 3, 2009

Introducing Pocket Angel & Pocket Buffy

Julie and her mom bought me a cute little carrying case for my Pocket Friends in Europe.
Well, they all fit in there quite nicely.
Of course, they are all annoyed by Pocket Spike's smoking habit.
I mostly fear for McCheffy's health, but I'm convinced he's part Leprechaun.
Maybe he'll be okay.
Pocket Edward complains a lot because he's the only one that doesn't sleep.
Pocket Illyria has already tried to make herself Queen of the Tiny Castle.
So far, no major battles have occurred.
I think this is due to my decision to hide Pocket Illyria's weapons.

In addition to a new home for my Pocket Friends, Julie also got me this little piggy bank when she was in Italy.
It already has a few Euros and Pounds in there.
I'm entirely grateful for the England Fund from Julie and her mom.
Pocket Edward is concerned.
The Volturi are in Italy.
This little gold pig is from Italy.
No, Pocket Edward, this is NOT a Trojan Pig!
The Volturi are not hiding in there.
Pocket Edward:
I'm going to watch out...ya know, just in case.
Knock yourself out, little man!

Welcome Pocket Angel!
This picture is complete crap.
1) This was not taken with a professional camera.
2) I blame Angel's ghost white skin. Geez, son!
And yes, that is Pocket Angel in a tux.
Apparently, he's ready to go back to prom.

Welcome Pocket Buffy.
While my camera is not that great, in my defense...
Pocket Buffy does look like a baboon.
In a pink dress.

Three vampires.
One room.
Pocket Edward:
I didn't look that puffy in my tux!
Pocket Spike:
Bloody poofter!
Pocket Angel:
I'm older than both of you, so shut up!
Wow, nice comeback there, Angel.
*eye roll*

Pocket Spike and Pocket Illyria need tans ASAP!
My camera can't do all the work here guys!
Your faces look all smudgey!!

Pocket Edward:
Your name is...Buffy?
Pocket Buffy:
Uh, yeah!
Pocket Edward:
Right. And you're a...Vampire Slayer??
Pocket Buffy:
That's right!
Pocket Edward:
Wow. You're so short.
Pocket Buffy:
Yeah! So are you! You fit in a purse!

So, all the Pockets seem to be getting along about as well as anyone would expect.
Here's another fine example of my "professional" camera work!
Pocket Angel is a little frightened by the Leprechaun.
Pocket Angel, McCheffy is not a Leprechaun!
And you're like...256 years old.
*big eye roll*

Say "hello" to the group!
Group, say "hi!"
Or not.

Pocket Angel, all I have to say is:
That umbrella does not match your tux!
Pocket Spike, stop antagonizing Pocket Angel!
You know that purse doesn't go with Pocket Angel's tux either!

Apparently Pocket Angel is auditioning for "Mary Poppins."

there goes another meeting of the Pockets!

In other news:
Today I went and saw "Public Enemies" with Julie!

So, I can't really decide what I thought of the movie.
I think I liked it.
I mean, it was good.
It was different.
If anything, Johnny Depp is worth a viewing!
Johnny Depp is SOOOO HOT!
True story.

I also saw "Transformers 2" the other day.

So I liked it...of course.
Action movies usually win with me.
Best part of the movie?
Shia LaBeouf...
screaming like a girl.
I almost peed my pants laughing.
Well, the movie was long and I had to pee anyway.
The girly scream didn't help my bladder situation at the moment.

Daily Ode to James Marsters:

Harry Potter Countdown:
12 Days!

time for me to get some sleepypoo.
And by sleepypoo I mean shut eye.
I have friends coming to town this weekend.
Hooray for 4th of July weekend!

I have another job interview next weekend!

I love you guys!



  1. Yay for pocket angel and buffy...I think if you turn off your flash on your camera it will be better...not sure. We need more pics of Angel and Spike together we can reenact the I've saved the world more...argument...McCheffy is a Leprechaun srsly? Johnny Depp eeepppp! So Hot! May comment more!

  2. LOL I love your pocket friends shows! I'll be waiting for the next one!