Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Small Request for Peter Facinelli

Dear Peter Facinelli,

I am writing you for the sole purpose of asking you to please follow xxooandcookies on Twitter!!

See this???

You are looking at a picture of me (Kellebelle1981) holding an autographed picture of you (Peter Facinelli...well duh).

My dear friend (whom I have never met but totally adore) not only went to the Bikini Dance (at which she took pictures and an amateur video of Rob DeFranco's awesome dance number), but also stood in line for a long time to get an autograph not just for herself, but also for me, Twilighter19, and AriellaBella17 (and you are following the three of us).

I realize that you are one busy and extremely popular man, and that you may have simply overlooked xxooandcookies, but I think that her hard work in helping you get followers (and getting autographs for three people she has never met) deserves a follow from you...the Awesomeness!!

Please take a second to think this over, and while I understand that you cannot simply follow everyone, I think following xxooandcookies will be a worthwhile decision on your part. She is a HUGE fan, and if you followed her, that would simply make her day!

I'd also like to say Thank you for following me on Twitter!! I am still so excited about it, and I love all the work you do!

Your devoted worshipper fan,

Kellebelle1981 :)

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