Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's Going ON?!?!

Hello, Blogworld! in Nashville we have lots of things called restaurants.
When we're hungry, we like to drive to these food palaces and stuff our faces.
we have a lot of another thing here in Nashville
that put this look on my starving face.

Followers, meet the monster that tried to starve me!

Oh, Traffic Light, thou art a cruel and heartless monster!
Why do you insist on making us wait so long for you to turn green?
As if it doesn't already take long enough to get anywhere here in Nash Vegas!!
This traffic light lasted so long that even Julie had to make this face:

Why are we STILL waiting?!?!?
Curse you, blasted traffic light of DOOM!

Many many many many minutes later:

Uh...Spike...what the hell did you do???

Geez, Spike!
McCheffy's arms and legs don't even move!
Temper temper!!

Oh, Edward! I can't wait for Pocket Alice to come out!
She'll knock some sense into Pocket Spike for sure!

Pocket Illyria seems to have suffered the brunt of Pocket Spike's temper tantrum.
That looks...really uncomfortable!
I mean, I'm not that flexible.
What made you so mad, Pocket Blondie Bear?

Maybe I should let you guys outta the Pocket Pouch more often.
Poor Pocket Spike is upside down there!
Sorry, guys!
Bad Kelley!
*hides face in shame*

Daily Ode to James Marsters:

*drool alert*
Please do not short circuit your keyboard.

Say hello to Bumblebee Kelley!

I love Halloween! It makes me happy!

I love to bee silly.
Bees kind of frighten me.
At least I'm a cool bee!

My therapist told me I look so much better now that I'm no longer working for the place...that I'm no longer working for.
She gave me advice on how to get my foot in the "Writing as a Career" door.
I think my psychiatrist will be more than excited to hear I'm no longer working at that place either.
I know so many people who do not want to work at that place anymore.
Anyway, enough of that.

If anyone would like to offer me any advice on how to get on with a career in writing, please let me know! I'd love to see if I can do it!
I've been hearing for too long that I should be a writer.
Now seems like the perfect time to start trying that. :)

that's enough rambling from yours truly.
I love you guys!

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. Damn traffic light. Die bitch die! I hate that traffic needs to die. Spike should have killed it before he killed his pocket friends. Love the crime scene outlines on the paper...hehehehehehhe who's idea was that? hehe Love you!

  2. Girl, you're the greatest! You would make a superb writer!I'm an amateur myself, although I've written poetry on and off for years. If you find someone who is expert, let me know and I'll do the same!

  3. Hey girlie!! I didn't even know you were no longer working for the place that you're no longer working for, but I'm glad you're getting into writing! I would keep my eye open for contract and editing jobs, I wrote several articles in college (when I was an english major) after I got a temp. editing/proofreading position at the local paper (I found the position on craigslist). Anyway, good luck!! :)