Monday, July 20, 2009

When animals don't attack...

Today I went to Nashville's most popular attraction.
No, I'm not referring to the Country Music Hall of Fame.
Nor am I referring to the Pankcake Pantry.
I'm not even talking about Opryland USA.
Oh wait...
they took that away from us and gave us a shitty ass mall in return.

See above.
We lose our theme park and gain mall #3,462.
FYI: I hate Opry Mills.
Its only winning feature?

I'm sure you're on pins and needles wondering what I'm talking about.
So, here goes...

Now you're probably saying
"Duh...she's obviously visiting...that place...with the giraffe coke machine."
Well that place has a name and it's called
The Nashville Zoo.

You didn't know Nashville had a zoo??
Well, just to make sure we all have the same definition of zoo,
let's take a look at some of the following pictures.

Behold, the Hyper Monkey.
Also known as Nephewus Makemetiredicus.
Not to be confused with

tree swinging, poo-flinging Monkey.
Like this critter could even keep up with the Nephewus Makemetiredicus!
Ah look.
They appreciate a good photo opportunity.
I think the other zoo animals could learn quite a bit from them.

Here are some birds.
They are big.
They are blue.
Er...that's about it.

So yeah, that's a blurry bird thingie.
Just doin' its thing.
The way birds do.

I will give you three guesses.
The first two don't count.

I'm starting to think that all animals on zoo grounds should be behind a fence.
This friendly little squirrel came at me like a Spider Monkey!
And by that, I mean I think it wanted my camera.
It was a horrifying moment.
I hope no one ever encounters the free-roaming zoo squirrel.

And so we reach the Tiger exhibit.
They're not so scary!
When there is a bit of a cliff and some water and a fence between you and them.
So naturally...

Nephewus Makemetiredicus wanted a closer look.
First he said "Kelley, hold you. I want up!"
So I bent down, unbuckled his little seatbelt, and picked him up.
I said "Patrick, look at the tigers!"
Nephewus Makemetiredicus pointed and said "I want in."
Okay, trying to explain the laws of life to a two year old...
not so much fun.
Luckily he did not throw a fit.
Instead Nephewus Makemetiredicus said
"I want nuggets."
From this point on we were headed down that fun repetitive path that Nephewus Makemetiredicus has become quite adept at.
"I want nuggets."
"We're going to get nuggets when we leave the zoo."
*more walking ensues*
"I want nuggets."
"Yes, I know you want nuggets."
"I want nuggets."

We have now entered Alligator Cove.
These alligators...kinda small.
"Patrick, look at the alligators!"
"Oh! Alligators!"
*camera flash*
"I want nuggets."
*bang head against glass*
"I want nuggets."

That, my friends, is a Red Panda.
He shared his captivity space with this...
(my favorite creature at the zoo)

the untamed Jungle Gnome.
I was amused.
Then my mom asked me this...
"Where is Pocket Edward? He would have enjoyed coming to the zoo!"
That's right.
My mother, who has never before watched Twilight or read any of the books, enjoys the antics of Pocket Edward and his other Pocket Pals.
Who knew?

This is a real giraffe.
Not a picture of one on a coke machine.
We have reached the end
(and I have left out several's okay).
I'm hot.
I'm tired.
I'm thirsty.
"Hey, Patrick, what's that?"
"That's right!"
"I want nuggets."
"Yes, I know you want nuggets.
"I want nuggets."
*big sigh*

Fast forward an hour later. My nephew got his nuggets. I regained some of my sanity. My mom took a nap. Life was good.

In other news of the day:

I got my hair cut.
I also got it dyed red.
I also got it highlighted.
Please note: Taking a picture of your new hair while driving is difficult.
PS-Don't tell my mom. :)

Since it just turned Tuesday,
that means...
I leave for England in
So much packing left to do.

Let's take a moment to focus on this.
My worries are too stressful.
This is funny.

Pocket Edward wanted to rest on his arm like this guy.
Julie had to duct tape his feet to the poster.
And his arm didn't really bend a whole lot.
Mostly...he just looks really uncomfortable.

Please tell me you have seen this video.
It cracks me up.
Socks! Are you serious?!?!

I must go to bed loyal readers!
I hope everyone enjoyed my day at the zoo.
Please leave comments!
Mucho love-o!

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. Holy crap! The squirrel scared the crap out of me!
    Die squirrel die! I'm glad it didn't get your camera! You need that for the Pocket Pals in England. Ha! Only you could make the super exciting nashville zoo NOT funny! Holy CRAP! Nephewicus Makemetiredicus is so cute! Do I ever get to meet this wonder of creation called nephewicus makemetiredicus? Just wondering! Love you! 4 days until England holy crap!

  2. Yay! Cute zoo pics, love your hair by the way!