Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wizards, Vampires and...more Vampires (Oh my)!!

Here I sit having just finished watching
Once More with Feeling
the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I have a tummy ache.
I suspect this to be the culprit.

*shakes fist*
Damn you, Sweet Tooth!

now it's story time.
Let us travel back in time

Ok, that looks about right.
Anyway, so a long time ago
*24 hours-ish*
me and Julie arrived at the Green Hills Cinema
decked out in our Harry Potter attire.
See above.

What we walked into, my dear friends, can only be described as
Harry Potter Pandemonium.
I had to purchase my popcorn and coke well over an hour before the show started.
This is why:

I knew things would be crazy.
But seriously?
I'm not a patient girl!
And I don't like crowds!
As a result, this is what I looked like:

This is my
"Kill me now" face!
This happens when I am surrounded by teeny boppers and...
well's pretty much the teeny boppers.
Oh yeah, and when I'm forced to stand in a long line for more than an hour.
What can I say?

Pocket Edward could hardly contain his excitement.
He even pointed out the poster.
Not like we couldn't see it.
We were standing right next to it.

The enthusiastic little guy thought it would be fun to try and get everyone who was waiting ever so patiently (or not so much) to start a Harry Potter wave.

After that plan FAILED, Pocket Edward then grew just as bored and agitated as me.
He threatened to bite everyone for ignoring him.
I was completely embarrassed.
And as we all know, when Pocket Edward gets bored,
Pocket Edward gets mischievous.

What is your deal, PE?
You still owe me money for that glass of wine you drank!
Special diet, my ass!
Pocket Edward:
*munching on popcorn*
Are you trying to poison me?!?
No. I just happen to like popcorn salt.
A lot.
Back off!
Pocket Edward:
Yeah, okay.

We didn't hear from Pocket Edward anymore after that.
Many heads turned when they heard a tiny screech of terror.

So anyhoo...
we thought this shirt was totally hilarious!
And I thought my wearing a muggle shirt under a Gryffindor jacket was ironic hilarity.
I guess not.

Okay, so here is a picture of me and Julie.
We are standing in line.

Funniest moment of the night?
Watching all the people walk out of the showing of "Bruno" wondering what the hell was going on and why there were so many people wearing funny costumes.
Well, it was funny to us.
We were delirious from boredom and too much caffeine by this point.

Lo and behold,
we finally made it into the theatre and got our seats.
Now we're looking a little more relaxed.
Maybe a little sleepy.
Or maybe it's the caffeine.

Now here comes the exciting part:
Preview #1??
Any guesses?

All the females in the audience clapped and screamed.
All the males in the audience groaned.
And even though it was the exact same preview we saw during the MTV Movie Awards, there was something extra special about seeing it on the big screen.

So we watched the movie.
I didn't cry.
Word to the wise:
I don't cry easily.

Only THREE movies have ever made me cry the

1) Titanic
2) Phenomenon
3) The Green Mile

Only a select few movies have made me shed a few tears minus the full blown hysterics.
1) The Notebook
2) Love, Actually (I don't know why)
3) PS I Love You
4) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (true story)

PS, I LOVE YOU (James Marsters)!!

I Wanna Be Like Edward Cullen!!

that covers it for the night.
Hey, IrishLad585, I updated!
I expect a comment from you! :P

Thanks for reading, my loyal readers!
You mean so much to me!
Please start leaving comments so I'll know you're reading!

*gutter high five* to Shackle_Me!!

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. LMAO Hilarious as always!!!! Awesome clothes! I can't wait to see Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince myself!!! Keep the awesome fun blogs coming!

  2. hey girl, now that is what I call fun! oh my god I'm still so pissed about the cut and paste thing but better late than never right? OMG My stomach hurts! Holy crap! Anyhoo! Love it of course..

  3. I love Harry Potter and Edward Cullen !!! I really enjoy the adventures of Pocket Edward (hilarious)I laughed myself to the floor ... loved your trip to the movies and the videos, Spike is soooo hot !!!! And the New Moon poster is ... Whooaaa don't have words to describe what I feel !!!!

  4. BFF!!! I love your blog SO much!! I need to comment you more so you know this =))) Im glad, you julie, and PE had a nice Harry Potter adventure!! You just crack me up!

  5. so funny, very creative. I love it, now you made me want to see "Harry Potter"

  6. Hey chick

    its Immortal_Kiss here!! Leaving a comment to say that i luved ur blog and not quite surpirsed by Edwards behaviour!! The centre of attention wasn't on him so he was prob pissed!! Keep up the good work!!

    Gutter High Five

    Over and out xoxoxoxo