Friday, August 7, 2009

Airplane Drama-Rama

Hello all! I am home from England! I have so many pictures to post, but first I thought I'd bring in the Bad Attitude for awhile and talk about my hellish day yesterday.

The drama all starts at Gatwick airport, where me and Hazel arrive over two hours before the flight starts, and we stand in line for over one hour just to check in. Luckily, the people that worked at Gatwick were more or less very nice, for the most part.

Well, we all get on the plane and then just sit there for an hour and a half because they counted one extra piece of luggage on the plane and had to figure out which it was. So, we finally pull from the terminal and this kid just starts crying and screaming at the same time. So we're on this nine hour flight with this on again off again screaming from this fat little toddler who refused to go to sleep.

The stewardess on the plane was rude.

When we got to Charlotte, the guy in the baggage claim area was rude and yelled at me for trying to call someone from my cell phone.

I get my bag and drag it down as fast as possible so I can recheck it which consisted of me putting the bag in the little area and the woman behind the counter throwing it back onto a conveyor. Then she rudely said "okay we're done."

Then I have to go through security AGAIN!!!

I do everything I'm supposed to but I accidentally sent my boarding pass through the x-ray machine. Well, that was awfully inconvenient for Mr. I Have a Shitty Attitude who in a very annoyed way told me to step into that little room that was safety glass all around.

Well, I get that whole issue sorted out and I have ten minutes to get to my terminal which is nowhere near! So I'm running through the airport while dragging two carry-on bags and talking to my mom on my cell phone at the same time. I thought I was late. Oh no no no.

First I had to find which gate I was supposed to go to cuz it didn't match the one on my ticket. When I got to that gate, everyone was just waiting because the flight crew had not arrived having gotten stuck on an inbound flight that got there late. So we get on the plane and have to wait in a line to take off. Needless to say, that plane took off an hour and a half late as well.

Alas, I finally landed in good ole Nashville. The people in the airport nice. I almost ran into one of the security guys that works there and he just laughed about it. Didn't get all huffy with me, so I breathed a sigh of relief cuz I knew I was home.

Now that we have the shitty details of my trip, I can start talking about all the good things, which far outweigh all the bads! :)

I hope you all enjoyed my tale of woe. Leave comments of sympathy! :P



  1. Hey, Brent here! I'll just say it here because Twitter is sucking for me... Welcome back!!! :)

  2. I'm surprised YOU didn't go through the conveyor belt! Lol.Glad to have you back safe, although I've never seen you in person!