Tuesday, August 11, 2009

England. Day 1. Part 2.

We are now entering
Dun dun dun...
Welcome to
Lewes Castle
in the little town of...Lewes.

This is a castle.
It was built sometime after 1066.
England has lots of them.
I might be a little jealous.

These are the castle grounds.
We did a lot of walking in England.
This was just the start of it.

Now c'mon!
Who doesn't think tiny doors are cool and mysterious?
Well, who doesn't think they are cool at least?
No? Okay, never mind.

Look at all those stairs (below) leading up to the castle.
Glad we didn't pay the money to climb all that nonsense!
Seeing the outside was pretty amazing!

I took this picture when we first walked onto the castle grounds.
Where, oh where, is my prince?!?!

I wonder what the property value is for homes around a castle would be.
I'm so not doing that research right now!
It's almost midnight!
I'll just ponder this in the meantime.

This path...not so easy to walk through.
You see those trees?
They will attack you!
I got some scratches to prove it!

This is when I realized we were passing people's homes.
Someone was selling books right next to this potted plant.

More walking.
Again, just a brief example of what I had to face the entire trip.
I'm proud of myself though.
I think I got the ultimate workout!

Another little door.
Okay so maybe I have a bizarre obsession with miniature things!
So what?

Look at me!
Standing in the middle of all this green stuff!
I know this may look strange and foreign to most Americans,
but this greenery...it's plant life!
England gets lots of rain.
You don't really see brown grass there.
So everything is very pretty when you look at it!

And more walking.
My legs were already hurting before the end of the first day.
What does that say about me (and most Americans)?

Okay, I'm sorry.
This sign cracked me up.
A few signs in England cracked me up.
This is the only one I photographed.
My favorite one was a triangle that depicted two senior citizens crossing the street, and underneath that it said Elderly People.
Just as we have Deer Crossings and Duck Crossings, England has signs that warn of Elderly People Crossings!
Well it was funny to me!

And so endeth the walking...
for Day 1!

Check out the lineup!
Yes, your eyes are playing tricks on you!
There is no way there could be two Edwards standing in line!
I realized I had a few decisions to make concerning my Pocket-sized companions.
First of all,
McCheffy decided he did not want to get out much.
He felt it was safer since none of his body parts actually move.
Pocket Illyria...I decided letting her out in a big city may prove to be a bad idea.
And I was right (see image below).
She grabbed the nearest weapon the moment she tasted freedom.
I only let her out inside the house.

Pocket Spike was more into watching videos instead of visiting places.
He used to live in England.
He's seen Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace several times.
Plus, the sun shone practically every day I was in the UK.
Poor Spikey would have turned to ash!

Here endeth Day 1!!
I was completely exhausted!
The six hour time difference totally didn't help either!

Holy Mythical Hotness!
I'd be happy to run into any of these guys on the street.
I'm just sayin'...

TwiFans are currently facing a major problem.
It's known as Underage Hotness, and it's a serious dilemma.
Taylor Lautner, please hurry up and turn 18!
We overage females are tired of pretending that we don't think you're hot!
We just don't want to go to jail!
Until then, would you mind cutting back on the hotness?
We'd appreciate it!

Kellan and Peter, your bromance makes me smile!
I'm proud of you guys for reading together!

Despite having a pretty crummy day, this video cracked me up.

www.robertisbothered.com is officially my new favorite website!

And now I must venture into dreamland!
I have therapy tomorrow, so I'm hoping to come home with a piece of mind.
Talk to you later, oh loyal readers!
Love you guys!
Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. You should have took a picture of the elderly sign that would have been funny to see! Did you meet your prince inside the castle? It looks so pretty there! Great post! Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Girl, we BOTH need to move over there! I wanna go sooo bad!Love the pics! That's how I would feel looking at the castle, wondering where my prince is!About the pic of the 3 Twi hotties, I'm sooo glad I did run into one of them, yum!You have 2 species of vampy The Angel variety and the Twi-Variety! Gotta disapline those fellas!

  3. Love love love your pictures and the blog is just histerical! I love you so much friend!! We'll have to go to England together someday...it may be years from now, but we should definitely try!!