Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hever Castle and other stuff

Making the decision to not go to London for a day (because we needed a break from all the walking), Hazel took me to a place called
Hever Castle
which was once the home of Anne Boleyn.
So much for the "less walking" plan...
Still, it was a neat place to visit.

This is not the castle itself.
It's just part of the gardens, but I thought it was cool.
So I took a picture.

Pocket Edward and Pocket Bella, who are all into that mushy romantic crap thought the gardens were another great place for a cute little couple picture.
get a room guys!

This is just a walking area to get around.
We couldn't just make a beeline for the castle.
That would have been way too easy.
So we admired all the splendor and beauty of the outside world at a fairly quick pace.
Seeing that Hazel and I are both fairly disinterested at "stopping to smell the roses" we made it around pretty fast (well, as fast as our extremely sore legs would take us).

Here's a body of water.
There were ducks somewhere.
I don't know.
I suck at landscape photographs.

So here are some statues doing something with the water.
Oh yeah, naked statues.
People in the UK aren't quite so offended by artwork.

I'm quite excited that a strong gust of wind did not knock over my little pocket friends or send them careening into the semi-cold water.
Like I was going to stick my hand in there!

Now we're getting closer to the castle.
We just walked past the gardened areas with signs that said
Please Do Not Walk On The Grass.
Don't worry.
I took pictures on the way back.

There we are!
Standing in front of a moat, a yew maze, and the castle.
This castle was special.
It had two moats.
I suppose Anne Boleyn should have protected herself from Henry VIII better.
That man was sicknast to the extreme!

We have now zoomed in just a little with the camera.
Who doesn't like exploring old castles?

Just in case you were wondering what it looked like directly from the front, you can now stop wondering.
I know you were concerned.
I thought about that when taking pictures.
Chill out!
There is Hever Castle in all its...glory...

Check it out!
Koi fish!
They lived in the second moat.

Okay, we have now left the castle.
We went inside.
We did a quick look around.
They did not allow photography.
I suppose if you're dying to know what the inside looks like, you could visit the website or just travel there yourself.
There was a lot of old furniture in there.
And I think some pleasant (NOT) torture devices from back in the Dark Ages of torture.
Anyhoo, this is just a home on the castle grounds.
That's pretty much it.

It's a...shrubbery!!
Shaped like a pig!
Oink oink!

I hope I look this good when I get to be 108.
I'm just sayin'.
There were a couple of old men taking their pictures with this sign.

And here we are.
We've reached the dreaded Yew Maze.
Pocket Edward tried to tell us not to go through it.
He kept mumbling something about Dark Wizards and creepy graveyards.
I don't know.
Since we outweigh him by like...a lot, we went in.

When we first entered the maze we thought it was going to be a piece of cake.
There were not many directions to choose from at first.
So onward we tread.

Ummm...needless to say, we ended up getting hopelessly lost.
We managed to find our way back to the beginning and then going the other way to find the end.
It was a little more complicated than we originally anticipated.
Well, good thing, considering it's a freakin' maze!!

We finally did make it to the center of the maze.

We survived.
We were starving.

Pocket Edward and Pocket Bella cheered because they survived.
Way to go, little peeps!
Now it's time to leave!
Keep in mind, if you ever go into a maze, it's probably good to remember which direction you came from to begin with, or you will just end up lost again.
We made it back to the center of the maze twice before finding our way back out into civilization.
It was a miraculous thing!!

Moving right along.
It was "old as dirt" car day at the castle.
There was apparently some sort of competition.
I don't know.

I took pictures because that's probably the closest I'll ever get to old ass cars still in operation.

I think this was part of the first moat, but it was way on down the line.
We were in search of food.
And a place to sit.

Here are some flowers.
I told you I took some pictures on the way back out!
Like I said, I'm not great at landscape type photos.
I just like colors!
So now you can chime in with an "ooh" or "aah"...

I thought these white plants were neat.
I think Hazel said they were called "icicle" or something like that.
What do I know?
I don't keep gardens.
I'm perfectly capable of killing fake plants.

Again, just thought they were pretty.
I have no clue what I was actually taking pictures of.
I'm like a baby with a shiny object, except it was bright and colorful.

Poor Pocket Edward.
He was drunk in this picture.
I don't know why.
He just couldn't manage to stand up.
And we thought Pocket Bella was the clumsy one!
And so goes another day in merry old England.
Hever Castle was pretty much the only thing we did that day.
Next time I go to England, I'm taking hiking boots for the London visits!
Random Thoughts of the Day:
1) I really miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

2) I almost vomited when Caleb poked out Xander's eye.
*Lucky for you, gentle viewers, I'm not going to post the picture of Caleb's thumb in Xander's eye socket.*
I just have one word:
Poor Xander.

3) Where has my Pocket Edward gone?
I can't find the little guy anywhere!!
I'm also unable to locate Pocket Spike, Pocket Illyria, and McCheffy!

Where have they run off to?
Did my nephew get them?
Did I leave them in my car?
I'm so stressed out about this!! :(
I remember taking the pocket pouch out of my purse one day!
Now they've disappeared!!
4) Summer needs to end like right now!!
5) I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday!

Well, loyal readers, it is now my bedtime.
One more day of work this week!
I think I can, I think I can!
I'm sorry for my lack of tweeting lately!
I don't have the capacity for several conversations at the moment.
I'll be back to my old, over-talkative, twitter jailing self soon!
Kellebelle1981 :)

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