Thursday, August 13, 2009

Poppin' the London cherry!

Great News!!
I have a job!
At the moment it is only part time work.
Once a full time spot opens up, it's mine!
This morning I drove to my new place of employment excited and ready to go.
I spent approximately one hour there filling out paperwork.
After that I drove to Krystals because my stomach was ready to consume other internal organs and I couldn't focus.
That turned out to be a bad decision on my part several hours later.
What are you gonna do though, right?
I rested up for a few hours and then went back out in the trillion degree weather, driving a car with no a/c, sweating my balls off (you know, if I had balls) to get fingerprinted, which took me all of five seconds.
My day got interesting when I left the fingerprinting place.
I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but I was certain that I got on the 65S ramp to head towards Brentwood.
Instead, I ended up near Opry Mills, which baffles me because that's North...and I ended up on 40E through some unknown magics.
I blame the heat for this detour (because I generally have an excellent sense of direction), which I sometimes refer to as a Learning Experience.
I call this a Learning Experience because you learn quite fast that the Nashville Interstate system is EFFED up!
In the end, I made it to the restaurant, sweating buckets and in dire need of a bathroom...and three glasses of coke.
Moral of the Story:
Get my freakin' A/C fixed already cuz damn it was hot outside!

I have come to embrace a new obsession.
It is called
and I am totally addicted.
Here below are a few examples of the silliness that has ensued.

My face as the apple on the cover of "Twlight."
Who doesn't want to be that apple?!?!

Gerard Butler has fallen madly in love with me.
Only difference?
I don't let him die of a brain tumor.

Me and good ole Alpha.
I will have to say that I look a bit nervous.
Then again, he is a psychopath with like 52 full personalities.

Here I am, hangin' out with the Bones crowd.
David Boreanaz loved having his picture taken with me.
Aren't we just so cute?

The following pictures were taken the first day I went to London.
Much fun was had in the shooting of these photos.

Here is a big monument in Trafalgar Square.
London has very many monuments.
It's a thing.

This is a picture of the National Gallery.
We were just here so we could meet up with Katie.
We then proceeded to walk a lot that day.
Not once did we use the tube.
My feet were screaming in pain by the end of the day!

Here is a picture of Big Ben.
And before everyone tries to inform me...
I get very agitated with know-it-alls who try to impress me with knowledge of stuff that I myself already know. I'm not stupid!!!!
Okay, end rant. More fun!

Those are some giant lions.
And getting my picture taken with one seemed to tedious to me.
There were a thousand people standing around them.
But how cool are they, for real?

Now we are walking around the outside of Buckingham Palace and the gate.

And there is Buckingham Palace.
Everybody say "wooooow"...

I like these gates.
I'd like to have some put up in front of my future home.
First I need to become a millionaire.
Or maybe I could create a replica of this gate out of papier mache!!

Just to make the gates look even more spectacular,
there are gardens with dozens and dozens of flowers
in many different colors.

Aren't they so...pretty???

Here we are, back to the other side of Buckingham Palace.

Trees and some sort of pond in the park.

Part of the Princess Diana Memorial Walk
(for those of you who were unable to get that from the photo).
There were several of these, but I thought one picture would suffice.
They all look the same.

Gates in front of Buckingham Palace again...

Gates at a different angle...

Buckingham Palace a little closer...

Okay, I'm not going to lie.
I don't remember what this is supposed to be.
It's really pretty, don't you think? :)

More park pictures...
England has lots of parks.

This is a British Duck.
He quacks in British.

This is another monument.
Like I said...lots of monuments.

And this is a tree...

Here is a pelican.
He posed for this picture.

This bird posed for the picture from atop this tiny

This tiny looking house thing is surrounded by flowers.
I thought it looked pretty mythical or fairy-tale-ish.

Another duck/goose/swan thing.
I think this one is mute though.

This tree is very interesting looking.
That's the reason we have a picture of it.

Okay, I have nothing interesting to say about this picture.
I just thought it looked pretty.
So sue me.

It's me!
Standing awkwardly because I have no idea how to stand when I'm posing for a picture all by myself!

Here is a picture of me and Katie.
She's really cool!
I miss you, girl!! :)

Here is a picture of me and Hazel!

And now the three of us together!
What a sweet picture!

Pocket Edward and Pocket Bella wanted to pose for a picture in the park.
PE was very nervous about PB standing on this bit of wood and held her tightly.
Their picture turned out quite cute, I must say!!!
They are waving to all their friends who missed out on the fun of England!

There they are, standing in the tree.

Being law-abiding citizens, PB and PE wanted to make sure we were all aware of any police notices in the area.
Unfortunately, this did not pertain to us since we did not have bicycles.

Westminster Abbey.

Photo of inside a chapel at Westminster Abbey.
Please notice the sign in the bottom middle of the picture that says
People don't take these signs seriously.
I just decided to do what all the other tourists were doing and sneak one anyway.
I'm totally going to hell!

So there are some pictures from my first day in London.
There are more, but I can only post and then cut and paste so much.
After awhile, it makes me a little crazy.
Now for something completely different...

Hitler reacts to Twlight

Every Hitler joke on youtube cracks me up.
I was thrilled to see Hitler react to Twilight!
Wow, do I need a life or what?!?!

Happy Birthday, Katie!!!
This is a different Katie than the one mentioned above, BTW!
Can't wait to see you for TwiTour in January, girl! :D

this gal has to get herself to bed!
I have to move a few more items out of my apartment tomorrow.
And then I will be back at my parent's house until I make enough money
to movie in with Julie!

Hope you enjoyed my post!
Love you guys!

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. I laughed so hard about the British quacking duck that I nearly woke my child up....not that it isn't about time anyway at 11:30 in the morning, but still.... I'm so glad you, PE and PB had a good time with your friends. I sooooo have to go sometime.

  2. Umm...the duck quacked in British? seriously? Whatevs...Good post and you do know how to pose for a pic...Love it love it,

  3. BTW that Kellan Lutz pic is almost okay not almost is totes criminally hawt!!!

  4. lmao the freekin face in hole pictures are fanfucking tastic lol

  5. Still jealous of all the England pictures. But I love all the captions, so funny!