Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Daily Ode to Spike:
William the Bloody, how I love thee!
Let me count the ways!
I haven't done an ode to my favorite vamp in awhile.
I made this collage!
Are we all proud of my accomplisments?
I've only made it through half of my England pics,
and quite honestly,
I need a break.
* * *
Good news, my fellow worried readers!
The Pocket Friends have been found!
One day,
I was playing on my cell phone working really hard,
I received a text message that read
We have found the pocket friends.  Meet our demands of dinner, "Role Models" and one million dollars or they will be pulled apart slowly and painfully.
This picture came along, but I knew the threats coming from my brother-in-law were shallow and meaningless.  And he still got to borrow "Role Models" out of it.
As it turns out, my dear sweet nephew grabbed the pocket pouch at some point and hid it in Mommy and Daddy's room.
Thanks, squirt!
It's hard to not love a face like this though, so he was forgiven immediately.
See him loving on Pocket Edward?
He's the greatest kid ever!
Perfect sweetness!
I adore this child!!
* * *
I'm currently watching Bring It On.
I admit, it's one of my favorite movies ever!
I will only watch the first one though.
watching this movie makes me think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and then I start going through withdrawals.
Speaking of Buffy withdrawals, I was looking at clips on youtube for hours the other night.
What I found....
well you'll just have to watch!
This video features Amber Benson (Tara) and Anthony Stewart Head (Giles).
Unfortunately, the Embedding was disabled, so I can't paste the video directly into the blog.  But if you would be amused to see Giles dressed up as that sweet transvestite, then check out the video!! :)
Here are some
Fun Spike Facts!
This video was originally set to "I Touch Myself" but it got changed for some reason.
Does anyone else miss Pop Up Video??
* * *
Those Sunnydale Sounds
I just thought this video was funny!!
* * *
The Starz Bunnies
Twilight (In 30 Seconds)
* * *
 Isn't this Emmett collage beautiful?
Feel free to drool!
Okay, this blog post was actually really pointless.
I just wanted to post something that did not consist of pictures from England.
You guys have to be getting bored with all of them!
Don't worry.
They'll be back for the next post!
I'm gonna go shower, watch Bridget Jones (compare her life to mine), and go to bed.
I get my first paycheck this Friday!
Can I get a woohoo!!!
I'm outta here!
Night my peeps!
I love you guys! :D
Kellebelle1981 :)

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