Sunday, September 27, 2009

My 50th Post! Tell me you love me! :D

Good morning, loyal readers!
I have now reached my
50th Post!

Now, as you are all aware, I am still nowhere near finished with my England pictures.
Unfortunately, I am a bit of a procrastinator.
I also tend to avoid doing things in a timely manner if they don't affect my income.

here we go!

While I was in England, I had the good fortune of catching the Tower Bridge while it was up!
This apparently doesn't happen often because even Hazel whipped her camera out for this sight!
I thought it was the coolest thing ever!
I don't know why.
I mean, it's not like we don't have bridges like that in the US.
It was just nifty.
Plus, it makes for a really cool picture! :)

Okay, we went to Harrods.
I bought a really cute purse and a really cute wallet while there.
I also stumbled upon this (*cough-tacky-cough*) memorial to Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed.
I didn't make it to the fifth floor where there is apparently a creeptastic statue of Princess Diana in the food court.
Could we at least have a better picture of Diana in this memorial here?

Me and Hazel went and just hung out (read: rested our feet) in St. James' Park for about an hour.
I was harassed by a bee.
Well, I thought it was a bee because it was black and yellow.
Hazel said it was a wasp.
Apparently they don't have our wasps over in England.
Just like they don't have mosquitoes or poisonous spiders/snakes/anything.
This knowledge, of course, only made England even more appealing to me!

Here is a fun view of London from the bridge in the park.
See, in England, people do this thing after work to relax.
They go to the park and just sit and read or eat or hang out with their friends.
They walk around.
Okay, so I really miss England.
Even the walking.

Pocket Illyria:
I shall consume this apple in its entire form.
Erm...are you sure you want to do that?
I know you have a big mouth, but I don't know CPR for Pocket Friends.
Pocket Illyria:
Fine, then I shall use it as a weapon.
I opened my eyes some time later to this site...

Pocket Spike:
This gift is bloody lame.

Pocket Edward:
Haha!  Wood can kill you!
My gift is so funny!
Pocket Spike:
Sod off, Hair Boy.
At least my legs can bend!
Pocket Edward:
At least I can stand in the sunlight without dying.
Pocket Spike:
Whatever.  Sparkling in the sun?
How lame is that?!?!
Pocket Edward:
You're just jealous.
Pocket Spike:
I've always wanted to be a glittery, 108-year-old virgin.
Pocket Edward:
I hate you.
I can't take you guys anywhere.

Moving right along...
My dear, sweet friend Julie

decided I needed to become addicted to
so she can have someone to watch it with.
So we've been watching episode after episode trying to catch me up.
I'm not complaining because I get to look at this guy in every episode.

So this is a win-win situation for me.
Jensen Ackles is my flavor of the month.
I love how sarcastic he is.
And I love when I can find videos of him on youtube doing this:

Jensen Ackle's Eye of the Tiger performance has become one of my favorite videos.
Unfortunately, every single clip showing just his outtake performance disabled their embedding.
So I found one that somehow squished it into the middle.

My latest addiction though has become the Vampire Diaries for this reason:

Paul Wesley (aka, Stefan Salvatore)
His brother, Damon, is pretty hot as well.

Well, he's pretty damn hot until he makes this face...

At this point, I am fairly traumatized, and find this vampire face is scarier than this vampire face...

Yes, once upon a time, I was frightened of the Josspire faces.
I have long gotten over that fear.
Mainly because this is what he looks like behind the creepy vamp-face...

Hey, good-lookin'!
Whatcha got cookin'?
Or something.
Did I mention that I have a huge crush on Spike?
Especially when he has other talents, like this...

What is it with hot guys who can act, sing, and play some sort of musical instrument especially well?
Why do they always portray vampires?
I mean, I'm not complaining, but where does the perfection end?
Gimme some of that NOW!

And here endeth my 50th post!
Much love!


  1. Hehe I'm so horrible for making you look at the hotness that is Jensen Ackles for hours on end! I love the pocket pals of course! Yes! This blog was just a win all around!

  2. I just visited your site and I like your style. We share the same name, the same piss-poor attitude and an unhealthy obsession with vampires.

    Keep on keepin' on.