Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What in the world is a Rugaroo?

Someone please tell me why Britney Spears is in my head!
I'm not sure if I can handle another repeat of
Ooops!  I did it again!
as it spins on a loop through my already overcrowded brain.

We are now down to (like)
New Moon
comes out in theatres!

Since I'm a bad attitude, glass is half empty kind of girl, I think I would like to follow this up with a
"Fifty days is such a long time!"
And pretend that I said that out loud in a nasal, whiny voice.
Side note:
This image above is the book cover for New Moon so it fits with the movie.
*sniffle sniffle*
*scratching head*
Is it just me, or does this look like the cover of a cheesy, yet extremely kinky romance novel you might read while going through one of those "smexy novel" phases in college??
Anyone know what I'm talking about?
*crickets chirping*
Or not...

Speaking of vampires...
we were talking about vampires...
*reads last few sentences*
we were totally talking about a vampire movie/book!
I've just started reading a book called
Undead and Unwed
and so far, it has me shooting water out of my nose...
you know, if I was drinking water while reading it and coming across one of its many hilarious moments.

I'm only on chapter six, and to be frank, this book is freakin' hilarious!
Oh wait, just to make sure I keep the bad attitude, glass is half empty attitude in check...
okay, so I really got nothing.
This book is just plain funny.
What can I say?

Well, aside from stalking drooling over my latest crushes

Oh, Kellan, my Kellan...

Mmmm...Stefan Salvatore

RPattz and the Sexpenders

Newfound devotion to Jensen Ackles

My never-ending love for James Marsters

TLau...*drooling* Wait!  Back your underage butt outta my lusty thoughts NOW!

Bobble Head Barney...wha're yew doin' eeeeeeeeeere?

All right, perhaps that did not go quite so well.
I will take this opportunity to draw attention to a new segment in my blog.
It's called..............
Kellebelle's Bad Attitude Fortune Telling Segment:
*closes eyes*
I am sensing the future of my dear friend, Julie...

(this picture gets used a lot)
I've received an image in my brain, and this is what it's telling me, Julie.
You will become successful

and you will marry the perfect man.

You'll live a perfect and charmed life for quite sometime until your perfect, sexy, well-toned husband turns into one of these...

A flesh-eating, icky-skinned Rugaroo.
Yeah, I know it sounds made up.
But that's your future, my dear friend.
Moral of the story:
Life's a bitch and then you die.
Oh yeah, one more thing...
before your Rugaroo husband is killed off by this guy

(thanks, Sam)
you will find out you are pragnant (probably because you're vomiting and not getting your pehriad) with the spawn of this Rugaroo, and I'm pretty sure that is genetic!
Ouch!  What a crappy future for you!
You should probably name said child Rugaroo just to avoid future confusion.

What a doozy!
Glad I've rejoined the real world now! ;)

Watch out for future segment
When Car Doors Attack
because there will be pictures.
I've already been injured three times by my brand new car.
My second injury is currently the size of a half dollar and it is a purple bruise with a yellow center.
C'mon guys!
I cannot make this shit up!

It is now time for this Fortune Telling, Car Violence Victim, FaceinHole.com genius to go to bed.

I must get up and go to work and survive the mid-week blahs.

Later all!
*big hugs and love*
Kellebelle1981 :)

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  1. Dammit why do I have to marry a hot rugaroo you know what if he looks like David Boreanaz then I don't really care. I'll take him still!

    Barney Stinson? Barney whaaat rrrrr u doin earrrrr?