Thursday, September 3, 2009

When did I turn into a zombie?!?!

I'm having a
There are just some days...
where it takes all my energy to NOT rip out my hair.
* * *
Problemo Numero Uno:
Today there was a torrential downpour.
It was thundering and lightning and raining like nobody's business.

You ever get stuck driving behind those people that
just...don' the freakin' rain?!?!
Well, I did today.
People slamming on their brakes like crazy at bad times.
People driving 10-15 miles under the speed limit because they missed the short bus!
Anyhoo, that's not the point.
My issue lies within my problematic car.

Don't get me wrong.
I LOVE my car!
It was my dream car!
However, my particular dream car that I found at Carmax once upon a time came with expensive as hell wheels, a turbo engine, and a ridiculous sunroof.

Here is a more accurate depiction of my ridiculous sunroof...except mine has a switch that controls all aspects of it on the interior.
My sunroof slides open so I can party hard and stick my hands through the opening like
It also has a setting that allows it to pop up (as seen in this picture).
It also has a setting that I always keep it on that tells it to stay the hell closed.
Alas...and yes, there is an alas...
my car has a mind of its own.
My little sunroof decides (while I am driving or parked or the car is turned off) to go on into pop up mode whenever it feels like it.
And today, my sunroof just felt like being in pop up mode.
Remember, Hurricane Bill apparently made his way to Nashville this morning.

Bill Compton, I will forever associate you with that stupid hurricane.
Your storm of annoyingness came in and ruined something that is probably going to cost me yet another arm and leg.
So thanks to my toddleresque sunroof,
rain got in my car.
But not in my car.
It seeped in between the frame and the soft fabric-y layer that insulates the interior.
So now, thanks to Nashville's own Hurricane Bill, I have a HUGE water stain on my car ceiling that is causing some drippage down my back window.
And it is starting to SMELL!!!!!
I need to get a new car, as I cannot afford the expensive repairs called for on this car.
And I don't want to hurt my bug's feelings, but I don't make enough money to deal with this shit.
A new tire on my car costs over $200!!!
I'm just sayin'...
* * *
Problemo Numero Dos:
Credit Cards...
'Nuff said...
They only cause problems.
I rest my case.
* * *
Problemo Numero Three:
My work hours suck balls!
I work 9-6, and get home around 7 feeling completely exhausted.
It doesn't help that my commute is about 45 minutes there and back.
During rush hour.

And perpetual road work that Nashville is quite famous for...

Expect Delays.
Well no shit!
I'd start believing I was living in Paradise if there wasn't road work slowing me down everywhere I look!
I LIKE sitting in traffic!
I love sitting in traffic for so long that I have time to sit on my LG enV and check facebook, send a text, place a phone call, and still have time to tap my fingers impatiently against my steering wheel, thus hoping the gods of immenint road work will hear my pleas and let me through!!!
* * *
Okay, that's enough BAD ATTITUDE for now!
* * *
Twilight the Puppet Saga
Hilarity ensues, just because of the use of puppets!
* * *
* * *
* * *
* * *
Eric Northman
I am compelled to purchase your calendar and stare at it for days.
Would it be weird if I purchased an
Edward Cullen
calendar to hang right next to it?
Twice the hotness.
What's not to love?
* * *
Since I have two vampires giving me bedroom eyes, this zombie girl needs to drag herself to bed before her mood could possibly get any worse than it already is.
I have a potential new job.
Cross your fingers for me!
I hope I can figure something out with my car.
I need sleep.
Sleep sleep sleep.
Sleep is good.
I'm going to bed.
Good night.
Nighty night.
Sleepy time.
And I'm rambling.
Love you guys!
Kellebelle1981 :)

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