Thursday, October 1, 2009

I don't like the real world....

Vampire Diaries
My Thoughts
Brought to you by My Bad Attitude

H'okay, so, I had some thoughts after watching tonight's episode.

Thought #1:
Vampires are HOT.
All right, I admit it...
I have that thought every day of my life.

Thought #2:
Stefan Salvatore keeps a journal.
This is what I believed he should have been writing.
Dear Diary,
I'm HOT.
PS-See photo for memory's sake.

Thought #3:
Damon is such an asshole.
If it wasn't for his good looks, I'd be praying for his demise right now.

He was so much cooler in the books.
However, you gotta love a vampire who reads Twilight.
"Who is this Bella chick?  Edward is so whipped!  I miss the Anne Rice days when vampires burned in the sunlight."

Thought #4:
At the end of the episode I was like
"Awww, poor Caroline."
And then I was like
"Wait.  WTF?  Caroline was so bitchy in the books she makes Cordelia Chase (seasons 1-3 of Buffy) seem like an angel!"
And then I was like
"I am so confused."
It happens.

Thought #5:
Tyler Lockwood.
Wait...wasn't your last name Smallwood in the books?
Okay, I'm over that now.
I was scratching my head when he appeared to show real concern for Horseface Vicki after she ran off and (his) Mommy Dearest insulted her.

Thought #6:
If you read the books, maybe you got what I was saying there.
Otherwise, I'm sorry.

Thought #7:

Why did the town get renamed Mystic Falls?
Why is Elana's aunt practically her age?
Why have the Salvatores lived there forever?
And is it weird to anyone else that Damon and Stefan live with their much older looking nephew?
And that he refers to them as Uncle Stefan/..........I think he hates Damon.
Where did Mrs. Flowers go?
Did they change Katherine's story?
When is Stefan going to let Elana in on his little secret?!?!
Why is this show even called Vampire Diaries when it is so different from the books already?

There were many thoughts there!
Don't get me wrong!
I'm totally enjoying the show and secretly hoping that Stefan is forced to walk around shirtless for an entire episode because that would be hotspice.

Ummm...where can I find this movie?
Holy Hotness!

that's enough talk of Vampire Diaries for now.
On to more dire things...
let's see.
*scratching chin*

Ahhhh yes...

Julie kicked me out of her house so she could watch the new episode of Supernatural.
Uncool, my friend.
Julie, wha're u doin' eere?

New segment...
I Have A Dream
I have a dream, that one day...
these two...

And in this dream, not only do they get it on, but it isn't because Booth is having some sort of amnesia type dream after brain surgery, but because they could no longer control their raging hormones and the fact that they are perfectly matched for each other!

Just a reminder.
I hate Bill Compton.
I love Eric Northman.

Note to self:
Update Gutter Gals Blog.

Dean Winchester is HOT.

Okay, I have officially filled your minds with pointless chatter.
I believe it is time for me to call it a night.

Much love!
Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. Have I told you how much you are exactly like me?? :-) I love it. I've asked myself all these questions too. We'll start with Vamp Diaries. I hate that Caroline knows their little secret but Stephan doesn't want to tell Elena. I'm just waiting for Caroline to slip again. Elena's brother is a douche. I liked the little sister story better. Like you I really don't understand this family relative. I liked Mrs. Flowers because you never really know who she was, but here there's a guy who knows all the family secrets still living in Mystic Falls and yes you can crash here.
    So does all the founding members' ancestry know about the Salvatore's secret?
    Where did this gem come from?
    Ahhh... like I put on ur FB page. Why does CW have to tape this show so dark?
    When am I going to watch him hunt?
    How come I have only seem Elena write in her diary once... maybe twice??
    Still waiting for Vicki to become crazy...

    ok i'm done with this show.

    Bones and Booth need to get it on already.... Sexual Tension... I feel it.

  2. I fucking love the armporn holy hell I never thought an arm could make me drool....I was freaking wrong!!! "I'm Batman" hahahahhahaha

    I think we had the same dream about Bones and Booth I'm so over this dancing around shizz!

    Kelley what're u doooin ear?

  3. i wouls prefer damon to be shitless for a hole episode...he's much hotter than sfefan will ever be! ofence but ya go damon!!!