Monday, October 26, 2009

Kellebelle's Day of No Fun

Hello, hello, and hello!
I'm reporting to you from
Sinus and Ear Infection Central!

For the next ten days I, Kellebelle1981, will be a walking pharmacy.
Lucky ducky me.
My favorite part is the part where I get to take two Amoxicillen three times a day for ten days.
It's not like these pills are exactly small and non-gaggable.

My other favorite part involves the drumming going on in my head every time I move.

So here I sit, trying to figure out if I'll be missing work again tomorrow or deciding on whether or not I should get sucked into the Paranormal Activity vortex of evil.

Have I mentioned the part where I feel like complete shit?!?!
If not, just know that I'm not enjoying myself at the moment.
So I can't promise witty or funny in this particular post.
Sorry, my lovelies.

What I do have for you today are more pictures from England,
featuring the Pocket Friends!

Pocket Bella told me that "purple's cool."


Another group shot of the mischievous men (and women).

Pocket Edward and Pocket Bella make sure their Oyster Cards are secure so they can ride the Tube all day.

Pocket Edward:
Sweet!  I can't wait to see Harry Potter!
Pocket Spike:
Well your bloody hero, Cedward Diesalot isn't in this movie, so I am going to see it!
Pocket Edward:
It's Cedric Diggory, and he is not my hero.
I happen to believe that he's a long lost relative of mine.
Pocket Spike:
It's a movie, numbnuts.
And I'm going to see it.

Pocket Illyria:
I'll take that ticket please.
Pocket Edward:
You just wanna learn Voldemort's powers!
Pocket Spike:
Maybe she has a crush on Harry!
Pocket Illyria:
I do not have feelings for humans.
They are the dirt at the bottom of my shoes.
They are...
Pocket Spike:
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Leery.
*miniature Pocket fights and arguments ensue, leading to this...*

Pocket Spike:
What just happened?
Pocket Edward:
I don't know, but I think my life just flashed before my eyes.
I brood way too much!
Pocket Illyria:
Once I find the monster that did this, I will end them.

Victory is mine!
Pocket Spike:
What the...
His bloody arms don't even bend!
Pocket Illyria:
This is so embarrassing...

Pocket Spike:
Check it out, Blue Meanie.
We can laugh at the scary people at the London Dungeons!
Pocket Illyria:
I shall make them know the true meaning of fear.

Pocket Edward:
I think Hever Castle offers plenty of beauty and romance for us.
Pocket Bella:
Oh, Edward, you're so amazing and sweet.

various vomiting noises and raspberries interrupt the lovers moment
Pocket Spike:
What a poofter!

Pocket Edward:
Hey, remember when we were there and I said
"It's a big rock.  Can't wait to tell my friends.  They don't have a rock this big!"
That was classic.

Pocket Spike:
Yeah, how clever.
I've never said that one before!
Does the name Acathla ring bells for anyone?
*grumbling and lots of swearing*

Well, that's enough of that for today.
This is the reason I had to keep so many of them hidden in their pocket pouch the whole time.

Well, I can't breathe.
I can't taste anything.
My whole body hurts.

Okay, he looks pretty comfy.
That works for me.
I love you, James!
Call me!

So, this video is slightly disturbing yet hilarious.

And on a completely random note:
My mom met Ok Go this weekend and got her picture taken with them.
I've heard of them because they are on the New Moon soundtrack, but she's in a picture with them at Notre Dame, and she's got it on her iPhone.
She's always meeting people.
Why don't I get to have that kind of luck?

I'm completely exhausted.
I shall talk to you guys later.

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. Okay! I so wanna borrow pocket Spike..he's friggin hilarious! why is your PE so much funner than mine? Yes I'm aware funner is not a word! Shut up!

    Allyria *rolls eyes* that Edward video...more disturbing than funny...

    Don't waste your money on Paranormal's the whole movie..for free...couple is scared couple screams...then they fight....more screams..over! boringspice!

    To be that pillow and be under James Marsters...head yeah his head..the pillow is under his! visual image..drools!

    I'm with the peanut gallery..gag! PE and PB gag me!

    Okay ready for your orders? here goes...GET BETTER DAMMIT!! I don't care how much Amma cox i Leon you have to take you take it and get better that's an order! Kelley wha r u doin earrrr? and on a side note...Jean Claude Van Damme movies suuuck!!!

    One criticism! Where the effspice is Jensen Ackles in this blog??? Not cool..not cool at all! Boospice! Jensen must be included at all times!! Thems the rules! and if you are wanting an exemplary review from this here BFF you will put a link to either funny Su-per-na-tur-al moments or Jensen doing Eye of the Tiger! Just for future ref!
    K I'm tiredspice and it's latespice...going to bedspice! Love yas like a sista! a Bad Attitude Sistah! that's right! I'm one of YOU now!

    Love Juls

  2. I did the ear infection, pneumonia thing earlier this year. Totally stinks. Take all the time you need to get over it.

    aka David