Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Welcome to Nashville: The Lost City of Atlantis 2

Hello, this is Kellebelle1981 reporting to you from
The Lost City of Atlantis 2!

Once upon a time, Atlantis 2 was called Nashville/Nash Vegas, and was well-known as Music City USA.
This is what it looked like, loyal readers.

At some point in 2009 (Aprilish), the rain started, as it always does in April.

Then came summer...
and it got a smidge hotter outside.
But...the rain didn't stop.
Instead, we humble Nashville inhabitants are beginning to wonder if the sun really exists.
Instead, this is what we see every day now...

Should I build a giant boat and start bringing on two of every animal just in case?

I'm becoming quite concerned that we'll have to grow some gills and learn how to live like the fishes.
I love rain, but I don't like the idea of living underwater.
I'm more of a "breathing suits me just fine" kinda gal.

This rain has caused me to ponder many things in life.
After all, that nasty 2012 prophecy is coming soon, and I'm certain that Nashville, being the most important city on Earth, will meet its watery grave that same day the apocalypse hits us.
I began thinking about my Bad Attitude, and if I want to be remembered for being such a Debbie Downer after my life is over.
Really, who wants people to be like "Man, she was bitchy in life!"
And then I started thinking about how maybe I just need to eat more to solve more of life's problems.
Because what it all boils down to is
Low Blood Sugar.
I bet I'd be as happy-go-lucky as Dean Winchester if I ate as much as he does!
For any of you listening, this is what I want my tombstone to say...

Get it?
Got it?

Pet Peeve #1:
"Sorry I was being so bitchy.  My blood sugar was low."
Seriously, what a lame ass excuse!!
If you're being a bitch and you know it, just own it!
Don't blame it on the fact you haven't shoved food down your throat recently.

Well, I'm very happy that Fall is finally here!
It is my favorite season.
why are my allergies still wreaking havoc on my sinuses?
They feel like they are going to explode!
And I also feel like I just inhaled a bunch of water through my nose.

I'm a sick puppy.
scratch that.

Well, maybe you'll think I'm a sick puppy after you watch these two videos from two awesome tv shows!

Puppet Angel from Angel!!

Suicidal Teddy Bear from Supernatural!

Okay, so there are a few things to ponder.
There is a lot to be said for Quality Television!

it is getting late, loyal readers!
I will try to update you on the status of Atlantis 2 again soon!
Much love!

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. Hope the rain clears up so.
    And I guess that my blood sugar is always low to because I'm a bitchy Debbie downer. hahah

  2. yeah I live in a constant state of low blood sugar that's why life is meaningless the Teddy Bear had low blood sugar!

  3. Rainy is good weather for sparkly vampires at least, right?

  4. i keep looking for the cullens, but they haven't appeared yet. blast.

  5. BFF!! Omg....roflmao...Low blood sugar! That is SOO my new excuse for my bitchiness!! Haha =) LOVE that episode of Supernatural!! WOOT =) Yay for Jules for getting you hooked! P.S...I could NEVER even imagine you as a bitch!! Pfffffffttt...LOVE YOU =)