Friday, November 6, 2009

I travelled half the world to saaaay, you are my muse!

Holy Tax Accountant, Batman!
It's Friday!
Tomorrow 100 Monkeys is playing at the Wildhorse.
I might make an appearance and see if I can corner Jackson Rathbone before the night ends.
As long as I don't scare him away, I think it has the potential to be cool!

I experienced a major form of jealousy earlier this week...

When do I get to meet James Marsters?!?!?!
This is my friend Katie, who I met on my trip to England.
She got to get up close and personal with His Hotness Supreme!
My face is totally green!
I'm just sayin'!
FYI: JM is totally hot for a 47-year-old.
There's no denying it!

Okay, I've gotten that out of the way.
Now on to other things.

Last night while watching Vampire Diaries and continuously marveling over the difference between the books and the tv show, I had more thoughts.
Yeah, it happens a lot.
Hokey, so here goes.

1. Stefan Salvatore is completely lickable.

I wish he'd smile more often!

2. Damon continues to piss me off!
I liked Lexi!!!
And that butthole killed her!
I still prefer book Damon to tv show Damon.

3. How come these protectors of Mystic Falls didn't make the connection that they were talking to Damon Salvatore (the vampire) considering his name is on the list of attendees to the first party over 100 years ago?
I mean, c'mon!
They know Stefan and Damon are vampire brothers!
Don't they?
At this point I'm mostly just very confused anyway.

4. Bonnie is a witch.

5. Vickie...
What a short-lived character.
She lasted way longer in the books and was a lot more messed up!

6. Why did they combine Bonnie and Meredith?
Both characters were equally important in the damn books.

I guess that more or less covers my thoughts on last night's episode.

Now on to Supernatural.

This is what we know...
The Trickster is actually Gabriel the Archangel.
I was hoping he'd be hot.
Like Castiel.

All Angels should be this hot!

Castiel got the crap beat out of him.
He looked confused at the end.
Like always.
The Trickster stuck Sam and Dean in various tv shows.
Thank you, Eric Kripke, for poking fun at Grey's Anatomy (that show is the bane of my existence) and blatantly making fun of David Caruso and his sunglasses.
I haven't laughed that hard since I was a little boy!!!!

Well, my lovelies, I'm fairly exhausted and still not with the witty/funny.
Maybe I'm losing my touch!

Lego Twilight!

Lego Monty Python
LOL this makes me cackle like a crazy person!

"You should show me some respect.
I dragged you out of hell.
I can throw you back in."

This one is for Julie, who is having a rough day!
Love ya, Juls!

Okay, this endeth my pointless blog update for the night!
Later peeps!

Kellebelle1981 :)

PS-New Moon is almost here!!!

Who's ready for Edward Sparkles?
And hot werewolves? :)


  1. I am ready for some Eddie Sparkles in this bitch! Thanks for the Castiel shout out..those are priceless...Anyhoo, Dean and Sam on TV as Doctor McSexy..or whatever...that was a funny as shizz episode! When do we get all Castiel episodes? Seriously can you say SPIN OFF! SWEET! I COULD SO FORGIVE ERIC KRIPKE FOR ROBBING ME OF MY TWO FAVE MEN! BUT ONLY IF WE GET CASTIEL IN THE TRADE! I'm so watching that! Yeah James Marsters pic? Srsly? Not cool Katie! Anyhoo! Love you!!!Good and witty @julieperk says this blog is totally bad attitude worthy! *two thumbs up*

  2. I am sooooooo ready for New Moon!!!!! I am counting down the days!!! Always love to read ur blog sweets!!! It always makes me laugh!!!! Maybe some day Ill start one myself but honestly I dont know what I would say!!! hehehehe!! You know me!!!!!! U get a big 2 thumbs up from me sweetie!!!Oh & I am also very jealous of Katie I have told her I am living vicariously thru her LOL!!!!!!! But someday I will make it there to see her & who knows who else I might see!!!!!!

  3. yay! another pic of me on your blog! um, err, is this a really bad time to mention i'm meeting Misha Collins on 28/29 November ?! (please don't hate me) *smirks*

    you have all got to come to England!

    Katie @vampirefreak101

  4. Kelle you are my soulmate. I too am obsessed with vampires. I even made my high school students play the Twilight Board Game with me on our last day of class this summer. Oh yeah.

    And yes, Damon doesn't actually do anything for me in the TV series. I couldn't bring myself to read past the first book - do the subsequent ones get better?

    So wonderful to meet a fellow vamp hag!

  5. LOL nice! I obsess over Twilight with anyone who will let me ramble on about it!

    The books are just different. I mean, I would say to keep reading because it gets interesting, but at the same time, I'm one of those people who will read the back of a cereal box if I'm bored enough. I wish Damon was more like his book self.

    I'm glad to meet you! Thanks for reading! I hope you check out my updates in the future! :)