Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just a brief update...

Bad Attitude's Book Review
The Girl Next Door
by Jack Ketchum

I read this book over a period of two days, and I can say, without a doubt, that the subject matter of this book is beyond disturbing.  The story is about a girl named Meg and her sister Susan who go to live with their Aunt Ruth and three male cousins after their parents are killed in a car accident in 1958.  Susan is temporarily crippled from injuries sustained in the accident, and Meg comes out with one big scar on her arm.  The story is told in first person from the perspective of a twelve-year-old boy named David, who lives next door to the characters in the book.  Meg is a fourteen-year-old girl who is suddenly forced to endure punishments that gradually become more heinous as time goes on at the hands of her aunt.  She also lets her three sons, and eventually other children in the neighborhood punish her however they like.  She is locked in a basement where she is often tied, gagged, and blindfolded while being beaten, tortured, and ultimately raped.  The narrator, who meets Meg and befriends her at the beginning of the story, goes from being a spectator (never a participant) to trying to help Meg and her sister escape from their prison.  While completely disgusted by the abuse this girl suffers, I found myself unable to put the book down, simply searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.  The book itself is amazing although difficult to stomach at times.  I have not seen the movie, and I am not sure if I would be able to handle it, truth be told.

I was quickly brought back to the real world while reading this book.  If only we really had heroic vampires and adventurous wizards to save us.

End Review

Now that I've thoroughly depressed/distrubed everyone with my less than humorous opening for my blog, I will now turn to things of a lighter note.

Potter Puppet Pals: Snape's Diary

Since I'm so insanely obsessed with Harry Potter (moreso than Twilight), I'm going to talk about it.


I would like to discuss my favorite character.

From the moment I first began reading Harry Potter, Professor Snape was my favorite character despite being sallow and mean to his students.
I always knew there was more to him than we knew.
When he killed Dumbledore (for the love of God, if you did not know this bit of information by this point, then you need to catch up like right now), I refused to believe that he was a bad guy.
And when I learned the whole truth about Snape in the Deathly Hallows, I loved him even more.
I was a Snape supporter from beginning to end!!
There is so much more I'd love to say about this character, but I do have friends who have not made it to the final book, and since there is not yet a movie, I do not want to ruin anything more than I have.
So, who else out there is a big Snape fan?

I'm feeling especially introspective today.
I'm not sure why.
I always have more to write about, but usually forget about it by the time I start a'writin'.
Such is life.

Perhaps this will be your moment of zen.

I need sleep.
Tomorrow is Wednesday.
And then I get a

Keep your fingers crossed that my sense of humor comes back in full swing soon!

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. Hello! My English isn't good but I understand what you wrote about Snape. I love him too and I have the same problem. My friend don't read Harry potter. Only two girls like Twilight ;/
    If you want you can write to me. It's my e-mail

  2. Thank you for reading my blog! We can talk about Harry Potter anytime you want to! :)