Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When life gets crazy, just blog...

Well, my friends, it is official.
I am moving to a new apartment.
This will, in fact, be my fifth (yes, fifth) time to move this year.
Moving has lost all its excitement, and now I'm just bored, stressed, and aggravated.
I don't know how I manage all three of those emotions at once, but I do it.

My brother-in-law, who has helped me move each and every time, jokes that I should not get comfortable since I will just be moving again in six months.
I hope to all that is sacred this is not the case this time.
This apartment comes with a fourteen month lease.
I might have a nervous breakdown of monstrous proportions if I'm told I will be moving again so soon.

Remember, Kelley, just breathe.
Don't forget to breathe!!!
At this time of the preaching, I am now asking everyone to drop some money into the 
"Kelley is Broke as Shit and Needs Help"
donation box.

Anyhoo, I'm moving to this fabulous little apartment complex called
The Preserve at Brentwood.
The only thing that would make it nicer would be if it was actually located in Brentwood.
But, seeing that I'm a girl of extremely limited funds and trying to figure out if I will learn to grow money trees in time for my first rent payment so I can still afford to eat, I'm going to squash that desire by saying
"beggars can't be choosers."

However, this apartment that my brother and I are sharing has one very awesome perk.

This baby is mounted to the wall of our living room.
Now we just need furniture and shit to go around it.
Ain't life grand?

In other news...
I did get my hair cut, colored, and styled by a super cool gal named Rachel.
I met her through Julieperk, and she totally rocks my socks off! :)

Check it out!
I'm a little glam!
Now the question remains...
will I be able to make it look like that once I've taken control of my hair?
I'd like to think yes because it'll be totally cute if I can.
I love my new hair, and I have gotten several compliments on it! :)
The only thing I don't really get at the moment?
Why people suddenly tell me I look like Kristen Stewart.
All I know is we both have oval-shaped heads.
And dark hair.
And pale skin.

Is anyone seeing some resemblance that I'm totally blind to?
I mean, I'm not complaining, but I just don't see it.
And I've been told by like five different people that I look  like her.
Someone help me understand!
I'm so confused!

Moving right along...

I have once again started reading Twilight since I finished all seven Harry Potter books.
I am quite alarmed to report that after getting into Harry Potter's wizarding world, that getting sucked into Bella's world is working quite as well for me anymore.
I think it goes without saying that Harry Potter is my first true love, and Twilight will have to settle for being my friend that I love, but can't give my complete heart to because Harry Potter already has it.

Yes, I am a Muggle through and through.
I have recently discovered an amazing website.

I am addicted to this cornucopia of wizarding information.
There are so many amazing facets of Harry Potter that I wish I could discuss with other people.
I'd love to take my time on sharing my thoughts about the books and how the series ended (but I'm waiting for some people to finish reading the series).
I'm sure that after I finish the Twilight series, I will have no problem reading the Harry Potter books again as this addiction is quite fierce.

If you have never read Harry Potter, I encourage you to do so!
J.K. Rowling is a superb writer, and while I might be smited to hell by frenzied Twilight lovers, she is without a doubt a much more talented author.
*runs and hides from immenint attack*
This is nothing against Stephenie Meyer as she has drawn me into her series several times, but I'm a girl who enjoys looking at themes and various points of foreshadowing (pardon the English Major here) that J.K. Rowling put into each and every one of her books.
I am a nerd, and I'm proud of it!

Let's get one thing straight though...
If New Moon does not hurry up and get here I am going to start throwing my increasingly vast collection of books at the heads of everyone who slows the coming of this event down for me in any way.

We, the Twilight people, have spoken and we are tired of waiting.
How many of us were there when the countdown showed more than 200 days?
How many of us frequented newmoonmovie.org and refreshed every five minutes for the latest updates?
How many of us discovered TwiCrackAddict and her OCD blogging and followed along?
How many of us watched the MTV Movie Awards just to see a New Moon trailer?
How many of us went to Twitter Jail to get Peter Facinelli (Dr. Cullen) 500,000 followers on Twitter?
How many of us crossed our fingers that this would become the official New Moon poster?

I rest my case.
Besides, the uncontrollable drooling is about to start, and I don't know if you guys can read much more.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!
Keep your tummies empty so you can pig out and enjoy all the food you know you'll eat anyway!

Take care, my lovelies!
In the words of Arnold Schwarzennegar
"I'll be bach...er, back."

Kellebelle1981 :)


  1. Your hair looks awesome! You are awesome and I'm with you on the Harry Potter vs. Twilight! I think a fangirl in the world just died! Anyhoo, New Moon get here already!!! I can't wait! See you tomorrow or for Death by Hotness Thursday!
    Love Juls

  2. yeah, I agree with you. you don't look anything close to Kristen Stewart. what a shame though.